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Milton Liquor Trial (1904)

The Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina) 29 April 1904 (Page 2)
Important Case on Trial

A very important case is on trial in the Federal Court in Greensboro this week, wherein B. F., H. C., and J. T. Sprinkle, T. M. Angle and Wm. Young, distillers and liquor dealers at Milton, Caswell county, are charged with perpetuating a fraud on the government by which the government was defrauded out of $100,000 in taxes on whiskey. Only Angle, Young, and B. F. Sprinkle are on trial. The storekeeper at the place has already been convicted and there is a case against another storekeeper. The case involves a good many people and others than those mentioned may be brought into it before it is finished.

When the jury was completed and counsel for the defense asked all who had formed or expressed an opinion that the defendants were guilty to retire nine jurors left the box.

Angle, one of the defendants, is an Iredell man, a son of the late Dr. Angle, of Eagle Mills.

The outcome of the trial described is unknown. The T. M. Angle described most likely is Thomas Mayes Angle (1863-1929), son of Dr. Solomon Angle, D.D.S. (1823-1901) and Eleanor Durham Angle (1828-1905) of Iredell County, North Carolina. Thomas Mayes Angle was known in Caswell County, North Carolina, as a skilled distiller of intoxicating spirits. His son became the Mayor of Milton, North Carolina. For more on this family visit the Caswell County Family Tree.

Late in life James H. (Jack) Miles secured the services of T. M. Angle of Milton, North Carolina, to operate or assist in operation of the distillery in Anderson Township, Caswell County. Arch Lindsey of Yanceyville, North Carolina, was the bookkeeper. The exact dates of operation are not known. It appears that the distillery closed with the coming of North Carolina's prohibition law in 1908. Source: From Rabbit Shuffle to Collins Hill: Stories of Southern Caswell County, North Carolina, Millard Quentin Plumblee (1984) at 130.


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