Wednesday, November 30, 2005

W. H. Hatchett Store

Many families in Caswell County operated a store. It seems that every crossroad community of any size had its own. See the CCHA article on community stores at: Community Stores

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W. H. Hatchett Store: This store in Caswell County's Locust Hill Community (Allison Road) is believed to have been owned and operated c. 1930-1950 by William Harrelson Hatchett (1903-1970). He married Florence Duke and had at least one child, William Harrelson Hatchett, Jr.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Caswell County Publications by Katharine Kerr Kendall

Court Minutes

1. Historical Abstracts of Minutes of Caswell County North Carolina
1777 – 1877
, Katharine Kerr Kendall (1976)

Compiled by Katharine Kerr Kendall. Index by Mary Frances Kerr
Donaldson. (Reprint, 1977). Abstracts containing references to county
buildings, courthouses, jails, poor houses, and the public well;
names of county officials and road overseers; references to wars or
veterans of wars; samples of tax rates, tavern rates, and salaries;
and county expenditures. Dedication, foreword, conclusion, index. Pp.
v, 182.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

William Woods Holden (1818-1892)

North Carolina Governor William Woods Holden (1818-1892) is well-known to those interested in the history of Caswell County. Holden was a Republican governor in 1870 when Senator John W. Stephens was murdered in the Caswell County Courthouse, and took steps to restore order that precipitated the Kirk-Holden War. Governor Holden eventually was impeached and removed from office.

In his 1919 statement given to the North Carolina Historical Commission, Ku Klux Klan leader John G. Lea stated that Governor Holden was born in Caswell County. However, I have found nothing to substantiate that claim.

In W. W. Holden: A Political Biography, Edgar E. Folk and Bynum Shaw(1982) the authors state that Holden was born November 1818 in a cabin "probably not far from the mill" operated by his father five miles east of Hillsborough. This mill would not have been in Caswell County.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tom Henderson

I am writing a piece on Tom Henderson for the Caswell County Historical Association website.

Tom Henderson, son of Archibald Erskine ("Baldy") Henderson, was a newspaper person, writer, raconteur, and quite a unique character. He started a newspaper at the age of 13 (in 1895) and seemed to know all that was going on in Caswell County and surrounding areas his entire lifetime.

Attached is the cover of a little pamphlet he published in 1942. It claims to be "Book One." However, I have been unable to find subsequent volumes.

I would appreciate anything you are able to provide on Tom Henderson, his family, and his writings. A photograph of him would be a real plus.

Thanks and best regards.

Rick Frederick
CCHA Webmaster

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Terrell Chairs

The CCHA is preparing an article on the Terrell family of Caswell County and the famous "Terrell Chair." The long-term goal is to have a Terrell chair on display at the Richmond-Miles History Museum in Yanceyville and to provide an online reference for those interested in the family and their craft.

Whitlow Leasburg Video Tape (1992)

In 1992 Jeannine Dare Whitlow produced a VHS tape of the architecture of Leasburg, North Carolina. This documentary, narrated by Jeannine, covers the homes of many of Caswell County's earliest families. It is both an historical and a genealogical treasure.

I am seeking an "original" (or as close to it as possible) copy of this video tape for use by the Caswell County Historical Association (on its website) and for possible reproduction so others may benefit from Jeannine's work.

Jeannine was the editor of The Heritage of Caswell County (1985) and no longer is with us.

Any leads will be most welcome.

Rick Frederick

Friday, November 18, 2005

William Anderson Roberts (1837-1899)

The following was posted to the Caswell County Message Board. I have an interest as well because I am writing an article on William Anderson Roberts for the CCHA website. Bill Powell in his History of Caswell County has a couple of paragraphs on this artist and several photographs of portraits done by him.

Rick Frederick

Message Board Post:

Do any paintings survive in Caswell, CO. by this artist? He married 1859 Mary Catherine Watlington. He served in the Civil War. He was the son of Elijah Roberts and Rebecca Davis. Rebecca Davis is the daughter of John B. [Boswell] and Sarah Hill Davis.
A known portrait is of Annie Elizaabeth Yancey, [daughter of Bartlett Yancey] and her husband, Thomas Jefferson Womack circa 1857.

Does anyone know where any of his work can be found?

Paintings by William Anderson Roberts of Caswell County, North Carolina, recorded in his little book, which is housed at the Duke University Library (Durham, North Carolina). Some pages are missing.

First Page

Painted at Elm Grove (Rockingham County, North Carolina)
1. John Lesuenne
2. Nancy Lesuenne -----------both $75
3. Augustine Timberlake
4. Mary Timberlake-----------both $50
5. Rev. Nelson Mebane--------$25
6. Annie Scales---------$20

Painted at Madison, North Carolina
7. Louisa Scales
8. James Scales----------both $60
9. Pinkney Scales--------$30
10. Dupree Watkins--------$40
11. Cornelia Scales-------$30
12. Gen. Thomas-----------$40

Next Page

Painted at Greenwood (Rockingham Conty, North Carolina) (1858)
13. Pinkney Montgomery-------$30
14. Jacob Montgomery--------$30
15. Lizzie Montgomery-------$30

1860 James N. Montgomery $30
Robt. S. Montgomery-$30

Painted at Ingleside (Rockingham County, North Carolina)
16. Robert Scales----------?
17. Yola Scales----------?
55. 4 Portraits of Col. PH Dilliard painted at his house in Henry Co. Va.-------$25 each
59. Mr. DH Ghmcus ------------$30
Mrs. D H Ghmcus----------$33
Mrs. Sally Ghmcus---------$30
63. Mrs. Annie-----------$25
64. Mrs. Sallie------------$25

Next Page

Painted in Madison, North Carolina
Mrs. W. Cartis-------
Thomas A. Scales
Dr. Staples
Mr. James Cardwell & wife

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Poteat School

This is a photograph of the old Poteat School (1913-1922). It was restored by the Bartlett Yancey FFA (Cyrus Vernon, Advisor) during 1987-1988, and is now located near the Old Jail behind the Historic Caswell County Courthouse.

If you have information about this structure (history, photographs, students, teachers, etc.) please send them to me.


Rick Frederick

Blogs Explained

For a great explanation of blogs go to:

Rick Frederick

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Red House Presbyterian Church

The following is from Mary McAden Satterfield's History of Red House Presbyterian Church:

"Dr. Nehemiah Henry Harding, whose pastorate ran from 1838, until 1840, was a man who was similar in character to Hugh McAden. He was at one time captain of a trading vessel, which shipped out of New Bern. Later he entered the ministry and served at Oxford for a number of years. He became stated supply pastor at Red House for three years and remained at Milton much longer. It was during his pastorate at Milton that he helped organize the Presbyterian Church at Yanceyville. He was pastor at Milton until his death in 1849. He was buried at Milton and a monument was erected for him by the Milton and Yanceyville churches."

I am looking for information on this grave and monument to include on the Caswell County Historical Association website.

Thanks and best regards.

Richmond Stanfield Frederick, Jr.
CCHA Webmaster

See: for an article on the Red House Presbyterian Church. Any information on the history of this church is welcomed.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yanceyville Mystery House

Many years ago a wooden frame house stood on West Main Street in Yanceyville. It was beside the row of buildings that included the Caswell Theatre, Richardson's Barbershop, Pemberton/Blackwell Law Office, and at one time, Watlington's Grocery Store.

It was between these buildings and the "new" Post Office (which now no longer functions as a post office). A parking lot is where this mystery house once stood. It would have been across the street from the building that once housed the Houston Gwynn medical practice and, later, the Confederate Memorial Library.

I have heard that it was the Swicegood House and was used as a funeral home.

Any information would be appreciated. A photograph would be grand!



Saturday, November 05, 2005

Authors Needed

The CCHA Website is in need of authors. Take a look at the list of notable people, places, and events at: Is there a subject listed about which you would like to write an article?

Do you have primary source materials (wills, deeds, etc.), secondary source materials, photographs, correspondence, or other materials that would assist the CCHA in creating an article?

Your help is needed. It is the history of your county. If you want the CCHA to succeed and be a credit to Caswell County, get off your hands! The world is looking at the CCHA Website. In only four months of existence the website has had 2800 visits!

How the county looks to the internet community is up to you. The CCHA cannot do it alone.

Best regards.


Richmond Stanfield Frederick, Jr.
CCHA Webmaster

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

For information on the Phelps family DNA project go to