Saturday, October 30, 2021

Descendants of a Foot-Warmer: Memories of a Rural Black Southern Family


In his 2021 book Descendants of a Foot-Warmer: Memories of a Rural Black Southern Family author Dr. Costello L. Brown, Ph.D., emphasized in the title the maternal side of his mother's family. The "Foot-Warmer" is his second-great grandmother, a slave named Queen. However, the paternal side of his mother's family is equally interesting:

1. John Bigelow m. Dicey/Lucy Williamson [both slaves]

2. Jacob Bigelow (1855-1918) m. Susan Baynes (1859-1901) [both born into slavery]

3. David Nathaniel Bigelow (1892-1970) m. Flora Evans (1896-1977)

4. Mattie Helen Bigelow (1915-1974) m. George Cornelius Brown (1916-1959)

5. Children of Mattie Helen Bigelow and George Cornelius Brown: 

(a) Costello L. Brown

(b) Constance Yvonne Brown (1944-2019)

(c) George Bernard Brown

It is possible (some would say likely) that the patriarch of this family, John Bigelow (who married Dicey/Lucy Williamson), was a slave owned by Thomas Pattillo Bigelow (1802-1873). Here is a research article on the "families" of Thomas Pattillo Bigelow: 

Bigelow Family


Brown, Costello L., Ph.D. Descendants of a Foot-Warmer: Memories of a Rural Black Southern Family. Independently Published: 2021.

Saturday, October 09, 2021

Tiptoe Through Caswell


Tiptoe Through Caswell

Did you know in Caswell County you can Bend, Blanch, Camp, Lick, Park, Prospect, Roost, Shuffle, and Tiptoe? You can pass through Hell (but passing Quick is recommended, even if you are buying a Half Acre).

Rattlesnakes also are found at a Creek, and be careful of a Creek that is Stoney; but some areas have a Grove -- Cherry, Piney, Pleasant, and Shady. And, there are other trees -- Sweet Gum -- even a Wood with a Gate.

However, there is a road where things might be snatched -- and another where you could Cross! Some houses are Purley white, with others being Red. Thirst can be quenched at several Springs -- may even Park at one, Camp at one, with another offering a Mineral. 

There is corn on the Cobb. One street offers Dolls. There is a Ridge for Gentlemen and Towers for those seeking a view from High (even from a Rock). You can hike for Miles without getting your hair in a Topnot.

Every few years avoid the Locust by climbing a Hill. Of course you can toot your horn in Jericho.

And, if looking for divine intervention, there is Providence.

Source: Richmond S. Frederick, Jr. 8 October 2021