Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Photograph Identification Project

Photograph Identification Project

This is the first posting to the CCHA Photograph Identification Project. We have many photographs of people, places, and things that need more eyes on them for identification.

This inaugural photograph of "Kids on a Rock" is a group of children in their Sunday finest sitting on (or standing near) a large rock. It probably was taken in the 1920s.

The photograph came from an album that belonged to Pattie Griffin Gunn (1895-1956) (sister of well-known Yanceyville resident Johnny Gunn), who lived in the Allison Community, Caswell County, was a member of Prospect United Methodist Church, and attended a one-room school where Mineral Springs Baptist Church now is located. This could be a group from the church or the school. The photograph is 2"x3" and not in the greatest condition.

To see a larger image click on Kids on a Rock.

If you have any ideas about the photograph please submit them to the CCHA

As with respect to all the images that have been posted as part of the CCHA Photograph Identification Project, the owner of the photograph, through the Caswell County Historical Association, retains all rights. Accordingly, copying, posting, publishing, and any other manner of distribution or use is prohibited without first obtaining the express written authorization of the copyright holder. Contact the CCHA if you have questions.