Wednesday, July 27, 2016

George Berkley Daniel Files for NC Senate Run 1996


Anne Gayle Stuck Crumpton
William Harold (Bill) Daniel
Jacob Berkley Daniel (child held by Bill Daniel)
Taylor Anderson Daniel (held by her mother)
Cynthia Gail Long Daniel
George Berkley Daniel

Hycotee Post Office (Caswell County, North Carolina)

Hycotee Post Office [click on image to see a larger version]

Hycotee: A community in east central Caswell County. A post office operated there 1880-1904.

The Hyco River is formed in northwest Person County, North Carolina, by the junction of North Hyco and South Hyco Creeks. It flows northeast into Virginia, where it enters the Dan River. In 1728 William Byrd referred to the stream as "Hicootomony, or Turkey-Buzzard River, from the great number of those unsavoury Birds that roost on the tall Trees growing near its banks." It appears on the Moseley map, 1733, as Hyco-ote. Hyco Dam, completed in 1964, now impounds its waters to form Carolina Power Lake (also called Hyco Lake).

Caswell Insurance Services, Inc. (Yanceyville, NC)

Caswell Insurance Services, Inc., 38 West Main Street, Yanceyville, North Carolina (1989)


Carolyn Jean Hall Kimbro
Cecil Lee Page (seated)
Irvin Graham Dailey, Jr. (standing)
Norma Ann Troxler Simmons (1941-2005)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Anderson High School Basketball Team 1960s

(for larger image, click on photograph)

Anderson High School Basketball Team 1960s (Left to Right)

Front Row

1. Ernest Warren
2. Claude Allred
3. James Delbert Reagan
4. Ronnie Vinson
5. Dinky Walker

Middle Row

1. Gilbert Simmons
2. Herman Roberts

Back Row (including three people not in uniform)

2. Charles Gregory
3. Wayne King
4. Coach Littell
5. Jimmy Lee Harrelson

Bartlett Yancey High School Class of 1942 Reunion

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Bartlett Yancey High School Class of 1942 Reunion (possibly 50th)


Front Row

1. Dorothy Mae Watlington Stogner (Class Will)
3. Emma Alease Farmer Hibben
4. Mildred Webster Tatum
6. Fannie Mae Bowes Winstead

Middle Row

1. Hoyt Ray Moore
2. George Cleveland Daniel (Awarding of Diplomas)
4. Mary Joyce Slaughter
5. Frances Ann Fowlkes Smith
6. Virginia Malloy Powell (Valedictorian)

Back Row

3. Monroe Gwynn Myers
4. James Elwood Guthrie
6. Gilbert Carlton Chandler
7. James William (Bill) Powell (Class Prophesy)

Members of the Class (partial list):

Fannie Mae Bowes
Henry Norfleet Brandon
Gilbert Carlton Chandler
George Cleveland (Cleve) Daniel
Emma Alease Farmer
Mary Jane Foster
Frances Ann Fowlkes
James Elwood Guthrie
Hoyt Ray Moore
Monroe Gwynn Myers
Virginia Malloy Powell
James William (Bill) Powell
Unknown Slaughter (female)
John Thompson
Dorothy Mae Watlington
Mildred Webster

Friday, July 01, 2016

Black Cat Inn

The Bee (Danville, Virginia), Friday, 23 June 1933.

Old Highway 86 between Purley, Caswell County, North Carolina, and Danville, Virginia

Bartlett Yancey High School Public Speaking Club 1954

1954 Bartlett Yancey High School Public Speaking Club

Left to Right

Front Row: Dr. Holton, Camilla Sue Stuck, Janice Marie Powell, Eunice Lea Thompson, Mattie Jean Slaughter, Patsy Earp, Isabelle Crook.

Back Row: John Paschall Page, Dawson Emerson Scarborough, Jr., James Monroe Long III, Graham Allison Page, Leon Faidherbee Lyday III, Wilson Allen Slaughter, Jr., Norman Stroupe Upchurch.

Photograph courtesy The Caswell Messenger.