Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pistols and Politics in Caswell County

"Lively Politics and Pistols: A Republican Rumpus in Caswell County -- Adams Painfully Wounded"

Danville, Va., October 24. -- There was a lively political row at Miner's store, in Caswell county, on Saturday last. The particulars, as far as can be learned, are as follows: S. P. Womack [actually T. P. Womack] announced himself as Republican candidate for sheriff, and in the course of his remarks said that there was a Republican traitor in the camp who was trying to injure him. Reference was had to A. B. Adams [actually S. B. Adams], a well-known Republican and clerk of the Superior Court for that county. After Womack had left the stand Adams denounced him, and Womack struck Adams in the face. B. Y. Womack, brother of the other Womack, then came up and Adams drew a pistol and shot at him. B. Y. Womack then drew his pistol and shot Adams in the arm inflicting a painful but not fatal wound.

Source: The Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia), 25 October 1892.

The S. P. Womack [T. P. Womack] of the above article is believed to be Thomas Pancoast Womack (1861-1916), who already was Caswell County sheriff at the time, and apparently was announcing his intention to run for the office again. He was successful and served as sheriff 1891 to 1894. His pistol-brandishing brother is Bartlett Yancey Womack (1856-1897).

The brothers are sons of Thomas Jefferson Womack and Ann Elizabeth Yancey Womack, thus being grandsons of Bartlett Yancey, Jr. (1785-1828).

The A. B. Adams referred to in the article is S. B. Adams (Spencer B. Adams), who served as Caswell County Clerk of Court 1882-1896.

The location of Miner's Store is unknown.