Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Caswell County Sheriff's Office: 2020

The Caswell County Sheriff is responsible for certain aspects of public safety, which include Law Enforcement, Civil Processing, Investigations, Detention Center/Jail, and School Resource Officers.

Sheriff: Tony Durden
Chief Deputy: Darrell McLean
Operations Major: Michael Adkins
Administrative Lieutenant: S. E. Riddick
Administrative Assistant: Sgt. Melissa Poole
Records Clerk: Karen Lynch
Finance Officer: Whitney Vaughn

Detention Center (Jail)
Lt. Gunter
1st Sgt Trost
Sgt. Gunn
Sgt. Pichardo
Sgt. Warren
Sgt. Young
Cpl. Gannaway
Cpl. Luck
Cpl. Noell
Officer Booze
Officer Covington
Officer Daniel
Officer Fulcher

Civil/Courthouse Security/Bailiff
Lt. B. Johnson
Sg. C. Williamson
Cpl. M. Allen
Deputy C. Dearth
Deputy A.Tyndall

Patrol Staff

Administration: Lt. A Shell

A Shift
Sgt. J. Kylander
Cpt. P. Halstead
Deputy C. Turner
Deputy T. Crews

B Shift
Sgt. J. Sellars
Cpl.J. Little
Deputy G. Allred

C Shift
Sgt. M. Griggs
Cpl. Be Overman
Deputy B. Shuler

D Shift
Sgt. W. Harrington
Cpl. C. Redden
Deputy J. Dodson

Split Shift
Deputy E. Dodson
Deputy K. Robinson

School Resource Officers
Bartlett Yancey Senior High School: Sgt. Brian Jones
Dillard Middle School: Deputy J. Vernon
Elementary Schools: Deputy B. Wilson


Administration: Lt. J. Loftis

Investigations Staff
Investigator V. Corbett
Investigator C. Curry
Investigator J. Haley
Investigator K. Mitchell

Lt. J. Loftis

Evidence Technician: A. E. Soyars

Monday, August 24, 2020

Caswell County Board of Public Education Superintendents

Caswell County Board of Public Education Superintendents

Major George N. Thompson (July 1, 1885 or earlier)
William W. Taylor (December 3, 1888)
C. G. Lea (July 8, 1892)
J. R. Jones (July 1, 1894)
S. H. Williamson (April 1, 1895)

Archibald E. (Baldy) Henderson (July 1, 1897)
George A. Anderson (July 3, 1905)
R. A. Pope (July 1, 1921)
Robert W. Isley (July 2, 1923)
R. A. Sullivan (July 4, 1927)

Vance E. Swift (July 1, 1929)
Holland McSwain (March 1, 1935) 
Thomas H. Whitley (July 1, 1950)
Walker Willard Woodard (July 1, 1973)
Dr. Lawrence C. Walker 

Carl McGee
Floyd Melvin (Skip) Rowland, Jr. (     -2001)
Dr. Douglas Norman Barker (2001-2013)
Dr. Renee Franklin (2013-2013)
Dr. Michael Brock Womble (2014-2015)

Dr. Sandra Carter (January 2017)

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Yanceyville, Caswell Co., N. C. 1881 C. D. S. on Cover

Yanceyville, Caswell Co., N. C. 1881 C. D. S. on Cover

Dr. Edmund Burke Haywood
15 Jan. 1825–18 Jan. 1894

Edmund Burke Haywood, physician, Confederate surgeon, and medical administrator, was born in Raleigh, the youngest son of Eliza Eagles Asaph Williams and John Haywood, state treasurer. He was a descendant of North Carolina's early English settlers and Revolutionary patriots. His paternal great-grandfather was John Haywood, who emigrated to North Carolina from Barbados about 1730 as the agent of Earl Granville; his paternal grandparents were Charity Hare and Colonel William Haywood of Dunbar Plantation, Edgecombe County. His maternal grandfather was Captain John Pugh Williams of the North Carolina Continental Line.

Haywood received his early education at the Raleigh Academy and in 1843 entered The University of North Carolina. Although he was an excellent student, ill health forced him to leave the university in 1846 without a degree. After regaining his health, he entered the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and was graduated with distinction in 1849. Returning to Raleigh, he went into private practice.

Source: NCPedia