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Yanceyville Bridge Party 1929

The Bee (Danville, Virginia) 1 February 1929 (Page 2)
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Bridge Party Given in Yanceyville, N. C.

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Florance entertained at a bridge party at their home in Yanceyville, N. C. Wednesday night in honor of Miss Elizabeth McCord, of Lexington, Ky.

Valentine decorations were used and the same note was carried out in the tallies and favors. The guest of honor was presented a box of stationery, and prizes for high scores were awarded Miss Margaret Noel and E. F. Upchurch, Jr. Miss Noel received hand-made handkerchiefs and Mr. Upchurch an ash tray. After the game, Mrs. Florance, assisted by Mrs. W. B. Horton, served a salad course.

The guests were Misses Elizabeth McCord, Mary Lea Florance, Grace Douh [Donoho], Laura Oliver, Annie Newman, Kathleen Wilson, Betty Swindell, Mary Hatchett, Margaret Noel, Mildred Carter, Mary Fitzgerald, and Messrs. Yancey Gatewood, Glenn Carter, Clyde Cole, John Johnston, E. F. Upchurch, Jr., Henry W. Hatchett, Hubert Page and Bill Jackson.

Names Mentioned

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Florance
Alvis Lea Florance (1889-1964)
Rose Lee Carter Florance (1901-1998)
Today their house on the Square in Yanceyville, North Carolina, is the Richmond-Miles History Museum.

Miss Margaret Noell

Mr. E. F. Upchurch, Jr.
Ernest Frederick Upchurch, Jr. (1907-1954)

Mrs. W. B. Horton
Mrs. William Banks Horton
Mrs. Mary Slade Anderson Horton

Miss Elizabeth McCord

Miss Mary Lea Florance (1903-1995)
Became the wofe of John Yancey Gatewood (1893-1954) and the mother of famous artist Maud Florance Gatewood ((1934-2004)

Miss Grace Douh [Donoho]
Probably Grace Donoho (1871-1954), daughter of Thomas A. Donoho (1827-1887) and Isabella Glenn Garland (1832-1886) and second wife of John Edward Tucker (1862-1944)

Miss Laura Oliver
Probably Annie Laura Oliver (1906-1986), daughter of George Washington Oliver (1866-1952) and Frances Sue Motley (1866-1950) and wife of Roger Gilbert Martin (1896-1976)

Miss Annie Newman
Annie Warner Newman (1898-1996), daughter of Samuel Pinkney Newman (1860-1934) and Margaret Elizabeth Chandler (1860-1945) and wife of Johnnie Oliver Gunn ((1892-1992)

Miss Kathleen Wilson

Miss Betty Swindell
Local school teacher

Miss Mary Hatchett
Miss Margaret Noel
Miss Mildred Carter
Miss Mary Fitzgerald

Mr. Yancey Gatewood
John Yancey Gatewood (1893-1954)

Mr. Glenn Carter

Mr. Clyde Cole
Clyde Caviness Cole (1903-1969)

Mr. John Johnston
Possibly John Johnston (1898-1972), son of Julius Johnston (1856-1914) and husband of Willie Russell (1866-1941), also brother of Richard Malcolm (Honey) Johnston (1911-1986)

Mr. Henry W. Hatchett
Henry Womack Hatchett (1899-1937), son of William Henry Hatchett (1860-1941) and Almeda Ann Dailey (1875-1941)

Mr. Hubert Page
Hubert Hodnett Page (1897-1974), son of Ludolphus Brown Page (1866-1940) and Parthenia Phillip Hodnett (1873-1940) and husband of Cora Lee (1900-1991)

Mr. Bill Jackson
Possibly William Carlton Jackson (b. 1904), son of Silvester Jackson and Mary Livingston Jackson and husband of Mary Helen Taylor (b. 1906).


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