Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Caswell County, North Carolina, Want List

 Caswell County Want List (no particular order). Click an image to see a larger version.

1. Thomas Day Furniture

2. Maud Gatewood Painting

3. Russell Watlington Print

4. Terrell Chair (especially a rocker)

5. Jim Shell Print

University of North Carolina: Caswell County, NC, Association

University of North Carolina

Caswell County has a long association with the University of North Carolina (by which I mean Chapel Hill).

I have been working on a list. Early entries: Bartlett Yancey, Archibald Murphey, Calvin Graves, and Bedford Brown.

Bartlett Yancey's mother advised him against attending.

Archibald Murphey borrowed most of the books from the library, which burned. Then, he took the books back and "saved" the UNC library. Gives a library card new meaning.

Calvin Graves stayed only one year before becoming an apprentice lawyer.

 Attended UNC for All or Some of Their Academic Career

1. Bartlett Yancey, Jr.
2. Archibald Murphey
3. Bedford Brown
4. Calvin Graves
5. Jacob Thompson

6. Reverend Albert Gallatin Anderson 
7. Herndon Haralson, Jr.
8. John Archibald Tucker (and law school)
9. Millard Quentin Plumblee (master's degree)
10. Clarence Lilly Pemberton, Jr.

11. Reverend Solomon Lea
12. James Cecil Pointer
13. Dr. Ludolphus Graham Page, D.D.S.
14. Dr. Graham Allison Page, D.D.S.
15. John Paschall Page

16. Leon Faidherbee Lyday III (undergraduate, master's, and doctorate)
17. William Jackson Lyday (undergraduate, master's and doctorate)
18. Julius Johnston, Jr.
19. Sidney Preston Bradsher
20. George Nicholas Thompson

More Recent

1. Philip Walters Allen (and law school)
2. Larry Neal Briggs (Phi Beta Kappa)
3. Dr. Thomas Harrison Whitley, M.D.
4. Dr. Robert Riley Whitley, M.D.*
5. Larry Neal Stogner

6. William Ronald (Rag) Aldridge
7. Stuart Neal Watlington*
8. Belvin Grey Smith
9. David Burke Wilson
10. James Bartlett (Jim) Upchurch, Jr.

11. Earl Jones Smith, Jr.
12. James Monroe (Jim) Long III (and law school)
13. Gloria Anna Myers (and Master's Degree)
14. Lyttleton Luther (Lytt) Stamps
15. Edward Howell (Ed) Wilson, Jr.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Gwynn-Watlington House (Hodges Dairy Road, Caswell County, NC)


Gwynn-Watlington House

This house on the Hodges Dairy Road in Caswell County, NC, purportedly was built in 1846 by Augustus (Gus) Gwyn/Gwnn (c.1818-aft.1860).

Ruth Little-Stokes described it as: "R. L. Watlington House. ca. 1860. Standard Boom Era Greek Revival style house with hip roof, exterior end brick chimneys, ornate double door entrance with corner block surround. Replacement porch."1

The house and surrounding 14 acres apparently now (August 2021) are owned by Piedmont Community College (Yanceyville, NC) for use in its Agriculture-Business courses.

Apparent chain of ownership:

(1) Built in 1846 by Augustus (Gus) Gwynn (c.1818-aft.1860);

(2) James William Watlington (1845-1917) and Laura Ann Jones Watlington (1848-1919) purchased the property in 1898;

(3) Their son Robert Lindsey Watlington (1875-1954) and wife Hattie Harris Sturdivant Watlington (1891-1974) purchased it from his parents in 1910 or 1912 (raised their seven children there); and

(4) Harvey Wilson Watlington (1917-2012) and Annie Dora Carter (1923-2005) were the last known Watlington owners of the property. 


1 Little-Stokes, Ruth. An Inventory of Caswell County, North Carolina. Waynesville (NC): Don Mills, Inc., 1979, p.105. The discrepancy between the build dates (1846 and c.1860) is not understood.