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Dr. Stephen Arnold Malloy Injured 1930

The Bee (Danville, Virginia) 3 February 1930 (Page 1)

Dr. Malloy Badly Hurt In Accident

Yanceyville Physician’s Car Overturns When Forced from Road by Speeder

Dr. S. A. Malloy, well-known physician of Yanceyville, N. C., was brought to Memorial hospital here late yesterday suffering severe injuries about the side and face as a result of an automobile accident near Yanceyville in which the physician’s car was forced from the road by a passing motorist and turned over down an embankment.

Dr. Julian Robinson, who treated Dr. Malloy, stated this morning that his condition was favorable, but that it would be several weeks before the injured physician would be able to resume his practice. Dr. Malloy has four fractured ribs and several abrasions about the face and head.

The accident occurred on a curve about two miles west of Yanceyville, close to the store of Swicegood brothers. Dr. Malloy was driving toward Yanceyville when, on negotiating the curve, another car approaching at great speed forced the physician off the embankment, his car rolling over several times and resulting in the injuries stated above.

Several people at Swicegood Brothers store witnessed the accident and rushed at once to the physician’s aid. He was taken first to the home of Dewey Swicegood, where his wife hurried to his side and later was brought to the hospital here by Mr. Swicegood and Mrs. Malloy.

The identity of the motorist who caused the accident could not be learned, though police have been given a description of the car and its occupant.

Dr. Stephen Arnold Malloy, M.D. (1872-1944) married Nannie Emma Kerr (1885-1978) on 14 May 1914. Note that the Dewey Swicegood mentioned above is believed to be Dewey Malloy Swicegood, born around 1899, and apparently delivered by Dr. Stephen Arnold Malloy, M.D.!

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