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Yanceyville Party Car Crash 1926

The Bee (Danville, Virginia) 19 November 1926 (Page 1)

7 Have Close Call As Car Turns Over

Yanceyville Party Suffer Lightly In Wreck Near Durham

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Yanceyville, N. C. Nov 19 – Seven people in this community felt today that they owed their lives to the fact that the car in which they were traveling late last night from Durham, N. C. had a steel top. The car turned over and stopped with all its wheels in the air, all the occupants being bruised and shocked but none seriously hurt.

Those in the car at the time of the accident were Troy Pleasants, Judge T. H. Hatchett, Mrs. William Johnson, John Harrison, Miss Mary Slade Anderson, John Anderson, of Yanceyville, and J. Turner of Conway, S. C., driver of the closed car.

The group was part of a company of 40 or more people who recently motored to Myrtle Beach, near Conway, S. C. where a large land development is going on. They left for home yesterday and about midnight, while running between Durham and Chapel Hill, met with the accident.

The speedy car was about to round a curve on the hard-surfaced road when Turner suddenly realized that with the momentum he had gathered he could not make the turn. With quick presence of mind, he headed for an open field, avoided a number of stumps and finally landed in soft earth, the car skidding and turning bottom side up.

Troy Pleasants was the first to get out of the overturned car, inside of which the occupants were piled up together. Gradually the passengers crawled to safety, and when all were out stock was taken of the situation, and it was found that none had serious injury. There were a few abrasions and bruises.

Another car was secured and the party arrived here at 2 o’clock this morning. The wrecked car had a steel top, and the opinion is that but for this all would have been killed or maimed. The top was stout enough to support the weight of the overturned car without yielding.

People Mentioned:

Troy Pleasants [Pleasant]
Judge T. H. Hatchett
Mrs. William Johnson
John Harrison
Miss Mary Slade Anderson
John Anderson
J. Turner


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