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Bartlett Yancey High School Class of 1938

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Students Listed

1. Elizabeth Nichols Whitlow, daughter of Robert Norwood Whitlow and Ruth Caroline Stephens Whitlow, married James A. Reith.

2. Sarah Hodges Dameron, daughter of Currie Lee Dameron and Loucile Hodges Dameron, married Samuel Ryland Farmer.

3. Katherine Mebane, daughter of Giles Mebane and Edna Earl Watkins Mebane, married George Wilson Clark.

4. Sallie Katherine Hunter, daughter of Thomas Parks Hunter and Sarah Jeanette Powell Hunter, married Garnett Clements Cooper.

5. Eliza Katherine Kerr, daughter of Albert Yancey Kerr and Mary Johnston Oliver Kerr, married Henry E. Kendall.

6. Sadie M. Farthing, daughter of William Edwin Farthing and Allie Mae Davis Farthing.

7. Lurline McKinney, daughter of William Andrew McKinney and Maude Ellen Boswell McKinney.

8. Alma Bradner, daughter of Lancelot L. Bradner and Sallie Eunice Smith Bradner, married a Rogers.

9. Frances Katherine Jeffries, daughter of Ernest Byron Jeffries and Martha Katherine Shelton Jeffries, married Bill Ranger Murphy.

10. Lucille Stephens, daughter of John Allen Stephens and Lura Senter Stephens.

11. Lorene Bera Brann, daughter of John Charlie Brann and Jennie Brooks Duncan Brann, married Willie Lunsford.

12. Marion Harvey - no information.

13. Helen Poteat married Wesley Lee Carter.

14. Buford Stephens - no information.

15. Ruby Powell (possibly married Kenneth Linwood Reagan).

16. Rebecca Wilson, daughter of Will and Velia Wilson (not confirmed)

17. Dorothy Rudd - no information.

18. Audrey Chandler, daughter of Junine B. and Mattie Chandler (unconfirmed).

19. Mildred C. Myers, daughter of George Hartwell Myers and Minnie Lanier Chandler Myers, married a Swan.

20. Jimmie Dee Phillips - no information.

21. Julius Lee Clayton, son of George Lee Clayton and Leona Moorefield Clayton.

22. Charles Turner - no information.

23. G. W. Davis, Jr, may be George Warner Davis, Jr. If so, son of George Warner Davis and Cornelia Poteat Davis.

24. James Walter Jones, son of Walter Raleigh Jones and Dora Belle Siddle Jones, married Elizabeth Whitmore.

25. Stanley Campbell - no information.

26. Robert Wrenn - no information.

27. Herman Vernon, son of Hassell E. Vernon and Rosa Olivia Myers Vernon.

28. Pemberton Harrison Slade, son of Irvin Hodges Slade and Frances Woodson Wilson Slade.

29. Robert Marion Walker, son of James Edward Walker and Mary Van Hook Walker.

30. Robert Gardner Ham, son of Thomas Jones Ham, Jr., and Margaret Dawson Ham.

31. Verna Mae Cooper, daughter of Ord Cooper and Della Mae Rigney Cooper, married Edward M. Rowland, Jr.

32. Catherine/Katherine Rowland, daughter of Edward Monroe Rowland and Amanda E. Tuck Rowland.

33. Frances Poteat - no information.

34. Helen Powell married Roy Irvin Hodges (unconfirmed).

35. Patrick Dowd Lassiter, son of Pulaski Stewar Lassiter and Cornelia Ferrell Lassiter, married Martha Elizabeth Allen.

36. Martha Gilbert - no information.



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