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Alice Cleveland Slade Henderson Funeral 1928

The Bee (Danville, Virginia) 24 July 1928 (Page 6)

Mrs. T. J. Henderson’s Funeral Draws Many At Yanceyville

(Special to The Bee) Yanceyville, N. C., July 24 – The funeral of Mrs. Alice Henderson, wife of Postmaster T. J. Henderson, who died in a Danville hospital Sunday evening, was conducted here at 5 o’clock yesterday evening by Rev. W. W. McMorris, Rev. S. J. Starnes, Rev. W. C. Jones and Rev. John B. Winn, of Danville, from the Presbyterian church. A large outpouring of friends of the family was seen and the funeral was one of the largest seen in this section for many years.

The pall bearers were: Lynn Hodges, Harry Slade, Kemper Slade, Will Slade, A. C. Lindsay and Henry Daley. The floral designs which were many and beautiful were borne by:

Harry Jones, Louis Hodges, Percey Daily, Irvin Daily, Marshall Daily, Roy Slade, J. T. Townes, Dan Mebane, W. A. Murrary, T. G. Harrison, A. L. Florence, H. F. Brandon, Tom Boswell, Jules Johnston, Dr. Gwynn, Henry Turner, Carl Moser, Dr. Malloy, Marsh McGuire, Walter McGuire, W. F. Fitch, Tom Ham, E. F. Upchurch, W. B. Horton, Clyde Barnwell, Henry Hooper, W. H. Hooper, Hubert Page, J. L. Russell, J. O. Guinn, Tom Hamlin, Sam Bason, Harry Bradner, L. J. Enoch, Lloyd Johnson, W. E. Regan, Bob Reagan, Tom Hoke, L. L. Bradner, Nat Lindsey, R. L. Mitchell, B. S. Graves, E. A. Allison, John Woods, A. B. Gibson, John A. Massey, O. A. Powell, R. T. Wilson, J. A. White, J. F. White, W. H. Williamson, Walter Williamson, Glen Williamson, A. K. Williamson, Jule Turner, Marcus Winstead, John Johnson, Pink Gwynn, Dabney Williamson, Sheriff Gunn, William Gunn, W. N. Harrison, Bob Harrison, John Harrison, Sterling Graves, James Slade, John Anderson, Bascome Jordan, S. G. Woods, C. K. Carter, Jim Murray, Edd Myers, C. C. Cole, Wm. Jackson, Wm. Dodson, J. A. Boswell, Tom Foster, Ernest Foster, Eddie Hatchett, C. H. Thompson, S. H. Able, W. A. Poteat, Marvin Brackin, T. H. Hatchett, R. A. Pointer, T. S. Neal, and many others.

The Bee (Danville, Virginia) 28 July 1928 (Page 1)
Mrs. Henderson Is Laid at Rest

Yanceyville, N. C. July 28 – Funeral services were held Tuesday for Mrs. Cleveland Slade Henderson, wife of Thomas J. Henderson, and highly esteemed Caswell county woman, were held on Tuesday.

Beautiful tributes were paid to the memory of Mrs. Henderson by her pastor, Rev. W. W. McMorries, who conducted the funeral in the Presbyterian church which was filled to overflowing, as many people being outside the doors as within. Other ministers being present and assisting D. McMorries were Rev. S. J. Starnes pastor of the local Methodist church, Rev. P. T. Worrell pastor of the local Baptist church, Dr. Winn, pastor of Mount Vernon Methodist church, Danville, Rev. S. F. Nicks, a former pastor of the local Methodist church, and Rev. W. C. Jones pastor of the Methodist church.

Mrs. Henderson is survived by her husband and two daughters, Florine and Lady Alice, by her mother, Mrs. Alice Slade of Danville, by four brothers, W. T. Slade of Danville, Kemper Slade of Richmond, H. C. Slade, of Blanche, Townes Slade, of Philadelphia, and by four sisters, Mrs. J. H. Dailey, of Blanch, Mrs. L. F. Hodges, of Yanceyville, Mrs. Harry Jones of Danville, and Mrs. S. J. Woods of Haskel, N. J.


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