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Yanceyville News (4 December 1922)

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The Bee (Danville, Virginia) 4 December 1922
Yanceyville News Notes

Yanceyville, N. C. Dec 2 – Caswell county Superior court will commence next Monday with Judge Henry P. Lane of Reidsville presiding and Solicitor S. P. Graves of Mt. Airy representing the state.

The newly elected county officers will be inducted into office Monday.

Sheriff J. H. Gunn, Register of Deeds H. S. Turner and the county commissioners succeed themselves. R. S. Graves succeeds R. L. Mitchell as clerk of the court. While the people are delighted to welcome B. S. Graves to the office of clerk of the court, there is genuine regret over Mr. Mitchell’s exit from the office which he has filled as faithfully and so well for twenty years. Mr. Mitchell was not a candidate for the nomination.

The work of installing the electric lights and water plant in the court house will be completed Saturday.

Miss Helen Florence [Florance] entertained at a beautiful bridge party Tuesday. The hospitable home with its beautiful old mahogany furnishings, cheerful fires, and lovely flowers was most inviting. The bridal veil was suggested in the very attractive hand-painted serving cards and the dainty white baskets with the wedding bells. At the conclusion of the game Miss Lunner who held the highest score was given an ermine box which she very graciously presented to Miss Graves.

The hostess presented two exquisitely hand made dollies to Miss Graves. Mrs. Florance assisted her daughter in serving a delicious salad course.

Those enjoying Miss Francie’s gracious hospitality were Misses Elizabeth Graves, Ruby Emma Mitchell, Tumage Ripley Compton, Bessie Turner, Willie Johnston and Mesdames Giles Harrelson and Mr. L. M. Carlton of Roxboro.

James T. Warrenton spent Thanksgiving with his grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs J. H. Kerr.

Robert Mitchell is home from Chapel Hill to spend Thanksgiving with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Graves and Mesdames T. L. Sellars and C. F. Holt of Burlington were here Saturday to attend the Burks-Graves wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. George Fountain of Tarboro came on Saturday to attend the wedding of Miss Graves and Mr. James P. Burke last Saturday. While here they were the guests of Miss Sallie Robertson.

Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Chick [Click] spent the week-end in Yanceyville and attended the Burke-Graves wedding.

Miss Emma Mitchell has returned home after a short visit to her friend Mrs. Marlon McChaney in Raleigh.

W. F. Henderson of Mebane attended the Burke-Graves wedding last Saturday.

Dr. and Mrs. Malloy are moving into their handsome new home on Main Street.

L. M. Carlton and daughters Margaret and Mary Sanford Carlton and son L. M. Carlton, Jr. of Roxboro came over Saturday and attended the Burke-Graves wedding. While here they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Upchurch.

G. L. Williamson attended the wedding of his neice, Miss Unknown Noell in Danville last Thursday evening.

Mrs. R. L. Graham and daughters, Miss Marion Graham of Greenville, S. C. are visiting relatives here. Mrs. Graham attended the Burke-Graves wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burke of Salisbury and Miss Hamms of Charlotte came up Saturday to attend the Burke-Graves wedding.


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