Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rat Hitches Ride With William Henry Gatewood, Jr.

The Bee (Danville, Virginia) 27 September 1922 (Page 1)

Rat Steals Ride On Top Of Auto

W. H. Gatewood of near Yanceyville, N. C., was coming to Danville yesterday evening when, arriving at Pumpkin Creek bridge he meet a man who stopped him and asked him what he intended doing with the big rat which was perched on the top of his automobile. Mr. Gatewood paid scant attention to the remark and drove on to Danville. Arriving at the Piedmont warehouse he looked and found that the rat was hoboing its way. Unable to escape from its lofty position the rat was dispatched on top of the car.

Mrs. C. M. McLaughlin, Grove street found a nest of rats in the garage in the rear of her home yesterday. Sixteen of the youngsters were killed the remaining two escaped.


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