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Caswell County Schools Program (1921)

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1. Mrs. Alice Flintoff Sledge: Mrs. Joe Sledge and the daughter of Charley Brown Flintoff and Emma Malone.

2. Miss Marnie Hatchett: Martha Elizabeth Hatchett, who would become Mrs. Samuel Murphy Bason.

3. Rev. J. A. Hackney (no information)

4. Catherine Malloy: The only child of Dr. Stephen Arnold Malloy, M.D., and Nannie Emma Kerr. Catherine Yancey Malloy would have been not quite six years old when she presented this "Recitation."

5. Prof. J. Henry Highsmith: John Henry Highsmith (1877-1953) was in 1921 State Inspector of High Schools in the State Department of Public Instruction. He later served as Director of the Division of Instructional Service in DPI, was a strong supporter of the consolidation of high schools, and served as President of the North Carolina Education Association and the National Association of State High School Supervisors. He is in the North Carolina Education Hall of Fame.

6. Miss Nannie Newman: First thought to be Annie Warner Newman, who would become Mrs. Johnnie Oliver Gunn. She was the daughter of Samuel Pinkney Newman and Margaret Elizabeth Chandler. However, this may be incorrect as it is not thought that Annie Warner Newman was teaching at Bartlett Yancey as early as 1921.

7. Miss Nettie Blackwell: Possibly Nettie Roach Blackwell, daughter of John Bracken Blackwell and Lelia Eliza (Blackwell) Blackwell.

8. Miss Mabel Stephens: Probably Mabel Frances Stephens, daughter of Paul Taylor Stephens and Harriett Walker Moore; she would become Mrs. William Taylor Long and the mother of, among others the Honorable Jim Long and Mary Elizabeth (Lib) Long (who married Jerry Cole).

9. Miss Minnie Miles: Probably Minnie Ethel Miles, daughter of Robert Stanford Miles and Ida Bett Saunders; she would become Mrs. William Roach Simmons and the grandmother of (a) Bonnie Gayle Simmons who married Bobby Brewer and (b) Kathy Sue Simmons who married Tom McPherson, Jr. (Lib and Tom McPherson's son).

10. Miss Frances Walker (no information)

11. Mrs. E. G. Click: Lillian Gwynn Click probably the wife of Dr. Eugene Graham Click, D.D.S, and the daughter of Joseph Pinkney Gwynn and Sarah Eliza Hatchett. The sister of Lillian Gwynn, Annie Yancey Gwynn was a founding member and, I believe, the first President of the Caswell County Historical Association.

12. James Weldon Pinchback: May have been a son of Thomas Arch Pinchback and Mary Jane Chandler.

13. John H. Kerr: Probably Civil War Veteran John Hosea McNeill Kerr (1844-1924). In 1870 he married Eliza Catherine Yancey, who descends from both Bartlett Yancey and Lancelot Johnston. He was the first Kerr to occupy what now is known as the Kerr Hotel in Yanceyville. Many with the name John Hosea Kerr have served in the North Carolina Legislature (including one currently in the NC Senate). John Hosea Kerr and Eliza Catherine Yancey Kerr were the grandparents of Eliza Katharine Kerr Kendall, Mary Frances Kerr Donaldson, and George Yancey Kerr. And it goes on. They also were the grandparents of Mary Kerr Motz. Moreover, their daughter was Nannie Emma Kerr who married Dr. Stephen Arnold Malloy, M.D.!

14. Melvin C. Vernon (no information)

15. Rev. George W. Oldham (no information)

16. Supt. Anderson: This was George Andrew Anderson (1869-1945), Superintendent of Caswell County Schools. He went on to be Clerk of the Court. For years his family lived in the Paul A. Haralson House beside the Caswell County Courthouse, where Sallie Gibbs Pridgen Anderson lives today. George Andrew Anderson was Sallie Anderson's father-in-law, being the father of James Ezekiel (Zeke) Anderson. George Andrew Anderson married Mary Elizabeth Slade in 1897. Another child, Mary Slade Anderson, would become the wife of local lawyer William Banks Horton.

17. Mrs. Geo. W. Oldham (no information)

18. Mr. J. G. Eanes (no information)

19. Mr. J. P. Gwynn: Probably Joseph Pinkney Gwynn (Sr. or Jr.), and I lean toward Sr. because his daughter, Lillian Gwynn Click, also was on the program (see #11 above).

20. Rev. S. F. Nicks: The Reverend Samuel Freeman Nicks (1874-1946), a native of Orange County, was Methodist minister at Pelham from 1907 to 1921, when he moved to the Hillsboro Charge. He served 46 years as a Methodist minister in the Durham District and is credited with building seven churches--three of stone, two of brick, and two of wood. Note that he performed the wedding ceremony for Annie Warner Newman and Johnnie Oliver Gunn at the Leasburg Methodist Church.

21. Rev. J. T. Stanford (no information)

22. Captain Hackney for Yanceyville (no information)

23. Captain Goodson for Providence (no information)

24. Chief Marshall L. J. Whitlock: This could be Lyndon J. Whitlock or his son, depending on the function of the Chief Marshall. The elder Lyndon J. Whitlock ( 1868-1925) married Sally Dyer. They had, among other children, a son named Lyndon J. Whitlock, Jr. Another child, Louise Dyer Whitlock, married Edmund Dixon Thomas who owned a store in Milton, North Carolina.

Note that the Program was printed by J. T. Townes Prt. Co., Danville, Virginia. They were for many years a printing and office supply in Danville (and sold typewriters). The company was well-regarded and handled printing chores for businesses in Caswell County (including Johnny Gunn's Ford dealership). J. T. Townes had a store/shop behind what was then the Woolworth Store, and facing the (then) Danville Register and Danville Bee newspapers' office building at the intersection of Union and Patton streets, where the Court House/Municiple Building is.


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