Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tobacco Growers' Meeting Notice (1925)

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James J. (Jim) Foster (c.1887 - 1933)
Thomas M. Walker (born c.1882)
Samuel Bracken Gatewood (1873-1958)
Alvis Stokes Gatewood (c.1868 - 1964)
Sherwood Lee Crumpton (1864-1949)
Eli L. Pettigrew (1858-1931)
William B. Harrelson (1877-1956)
Peter Harrelson (born c. 1894)
Charles H. Loftis (born 1874)
John Blackwell Worsham (1852-1941)
Hiram Weatherford Harrelson (1846-1929)*
James Spencer Shelton (1895-1983)
*May have been his son, Hiram Weatherford Harrelson, Jr. And, there was a Henry Weatherford Harrelson living at the time (married Cora Mills Allison).

Most of these tobacco farmers were from the Locust Hill part of Caswell County, North Carolina.


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