Friday, January 11, 2008

Benjamin Franklin Mebane, Jr. Death (1926)

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Benjamin Franklin Mebane, Jr., was the son of Dr. Benjamin Franklin Mebane, M.D., and Frances Letitia Kerr Mebane. That is the Caswell County connection as Frances Letitia Kerr (born 1840) was the daughter of James Kerr and Frances Ann McNeill Kerr, both from Caswell County families.

Note the mention in the article of Mrs. Motley Morehead. She was described as a sister of the wife of Benjamin Franklin Mebane, Jr. That is incorrect. The person described was Mrs. John Motley Morehead III, she was the sister-in-law of Lilly Connally Morehead, the wife of Benjamin Franklin Mebane, Jr.

Thus, siblings Lilly Connally Morehead and John Motley Morehead III were grandchildren of North Carolina Governor John Motley Moorehead.

Also of interest that Lilly Connally Morehead Mebane can trace her ancestry back to Captain Thomas Graves of Jamestown, Virgina, fame through her mother, Mary Elizabeth Connally. This, of course, means that her brother John Motley Morehead III can do the same, which makes him related to the Graves family that helped settle Caswell County in the 1750s.


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