Monday, January 28, 2008

Bartlett Yancey Girls' Basketball Game (1953/1954)

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This photograph, taken 1953/1954, is of a Bartlett Yancey High School girls' basketball game being played in the auditorium/gymnasium of the old Bartlett Yancey Elementary School in Yanceyville, North Carolina. The Bartlett Yancey team is on offense (one is shooting), and the uniforms appear shiny.

The only people identified is Norman Stroupe Upchurch (1904-1989), who is seen in the far corner (glasses reflecting and wearing a suit, sweater, and tie). He was a high school teacher at the time. One yearbook does identify player #4 as Jean Foster.

Here is another yearbook entry for this team:

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Note that the basketball court had a stage to the left, and classrooms on the sides and to the right (which was the main entrance).

Here is what the building looked like from the outside:

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