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Southern Caswell Ruritan Club (Caswell County, NC)

Civic Clubs

The only civic organization in the township is the Southern Caswell Ruritan Club, organized in 1962 at Anderson High School. Richard Byrd was elected as first president. Meetings were later held at "The Hut" of Bethel United Church of Christ. In 1972 the club erected a modern air conditioned building with money on hand. It is valued at more than $150,000. The charter shows forty-nine members, but many soon fell by the wayside. By 1965 the membership leveled off at about twenty-five. Membership gradually increased to fifty-one in 1983. Young men are presently taking the lead.

The club serves the community and special needs of individuals and families. An average annual expenditure on behalf of the community is about $7,000. The club is truly a community service organization.

The building became a community center for family reunions, high school class reunions, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, "Little League" baseball teams, wedding receptions, showers, farmer's meetings, benefit programs, county fire departments meetings, educational center for technical college classes, voting place for Dabbs precinct, etc. The number of weekly meetings average from four to six. No charge is made by the club for community use.

Club members who have served as Zone Governor were Nathan Simpson, Ervin Miles. J. O. Gregory, Harvey Tate, Brodie Simmons, Wayne Dabbs and Lynn Massey. District Governors have been Ervin Miles, Nathan Simpson. Hassel A. Byrd served as District Secretary.

Ervin Miles served as National Director from 1978 to 1980, Vice President of Ruritan National in 1983, and was elected President of Ruritan National in 1984.

From 1972 to 1983 the club has an unbroken perfect attendance record. Ervin Miles, Nathan Simpson, W. R. Simmons, Jr. and William Simmons have 100% attendance records since the club was organized in 1962. The 1983 roster of members is given here and symbols indicate charter members (#) and past presidents (*).

Bobby Aldridge
L. B. Aldridge, Jr.
Boyd Byrd
Hassel A. Byrd #*
Lindey J. Byrd

Roy Byrd #
Jeffrey Campbell
D. O. Chandler, Jr. #
Dwight Chandler *
Wilbur Chandler *

Leo Dabbs
O. M. Dabbs, Jr. #
Tony Dabbs
Wayne Dabbs *
Melvin Dollar

Morris Fuqua #**
Larry Fuquay
J. O. Gregory #*
Bob Hillman
Harvey Holden

W. M. Kimbro, Jr. *
Alvis King
Buddy King
Lewis King #*
George Lea

Eugene Massey
Lynn Massey *
Monroe Massey
Ervin Miles #*
Graham Miles #

Jimmy Nixon *
Tommy Pattillo #
M. Q. Plumblee #*
Gilmer Rascoe *
Charlie Rice

William Ribelin
Herman Roberts *
Brodie Simmons *
W. R. Simmons, Jr. #*
William Simmons #

Nathan Simpson #**
Tommie Smith
Herbert Stanfield
Steve Stanfield *
Harvey Tate *

George Terrell
William Travis
Lawrence Walker #
Michael Walker
Aaron Wright #

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