Sunday, May 19, 2019

White Eagle Service Station (Caswell County, NC)

White Eagle Service Station

Around 1926, B. B. and C. R. Vaughn built "White Eagle" service station and store in front of the Anderson School. Rufus A. Hooper operated it for many years. Other operators were W. F. Hurdle and Doc Hudgins, June M. Hurdle, Raymond Vinson. For many years it was closed until Jimmy Simmons reopened it in 1982. Presently Billy Simmons is the operator.

Plumblee, Millard Quentin. From Rabbit Shuffle to Collins Hill: Stories of Southern Caswell County, North Carolina. Burlington (North Carolina): Full Service Printing, 1984, p. 22.

Photograph courtesy Tyler James Chandler. Click to see a larger image.

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