Friday, June 25, 2010

Earl Brame (Caswell County, North Carolina)

Remembering Earl Brame

Caswell County Emergency Services Director Joe Wright has shared a story with us about one of their EMS Week celebrations, held on Wednesday, May 21st. Not only was there a steak dinner, sponsored by local businesses in Yanceyville, for EMS employees and their families, but the service took the opportunity to honor Earl Brame, one of their captains, who passed away on 7 December 2002. Earl had worked for 36 hours during the December ice storm, finally going home to his family and leaving his uniform shirt still hanging in the apparatus bay. He had supper with his wife and children, laid down to rest, and never got up. He died in his sleep that evening.

For some time, no one would take the uniform shirt down from where it hung in the bay, but in a show of respect by his fellow employees for Earl, at the EMS Week dinner the shirt, now framed, was dedicated as a memorial and it will share a place of honor at the base. Our thanks to the folks at Caswell County Emergency Services for sharing this moment with us.


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