Saturday, June 05, 2010

John Laborn Ford

The following was posted to the Caswell County Historical Association Message Board 5 June 2010 by Raymond Ford Sabell (

My second-great grandfather John Laborn Ford was born in Caswell County, North Carolina in 1811. It seems that his mother was born in Scotland in 1770. The family history gets a little murky here. It seems that Aritta Davis, John's mother was married twice and both times she was married to a Ford. Her first marriage and only marriage took place in Scotland in 1793. She was married to "John Laborn Ford" and about four year later they moved to America. In this version of our family history she had a son, John Laborn Ford who was born in Caswell County. Within days of her son's birth she passed away. John Laborn Ford Sr. remarried and moved to Tennessee and started a second family. John, Arita's son remained in Caswell County with a grandfather. We don't know if the grandfather was a Ford or a Davis.

Version two of the story goes as follows: Aritta Davis was born in Scotland and there are records she married a John Laborn Ford in South Carolina in 1793. It shows she remarried in 1806 to Levi Ford. Unfortunately this documentation is on and is not the actual certificates of marriage and do not contain other pertinent data. They just include married names, dates and maiden names. It then looks like Aritta Davis and Levi have two sons, one is John Laborn Ford and the other is Simeon Preston Ford, also of Caswell County. According to my records, Aritta died in 1812 and Levi remarried and moved to Tennessee. John Laborn Ford, like many Fords in Caswell County migrated to Muhlenberg, Kentucky.

So, what I am really looking for is empirical documentation that verifies whose John Laborn Ford's father and mother are and where they are from. If John's father was Levi Ford from Caswell County, there is of much documentation on him, however other than I have never seen a document that stated Levi was his father.

If you have any information on my family please contact me. My name is Raymond Ford Sabell of Las Vegas, Nevada.


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