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Members of the Dialectic Society Instituted in the University of North Carolina: Caswell County

Catalogue of the Members of the Dialectic Society Instituted in the University of North Carolina June 3, 1795, Together With Historical Sketches

President of the Dialectic Society being present, in the person of the venerable James Mebane, of Caswell, the President called upon him to address the Society. As affecting and interesting a scene was perhaps never before witnessed in the meetings of this Society. After an elapse of fifty-three years, one of its founders and its first President was again in our midst; the patriarch of many winters had returned to witness the Dedication of this Hall. Trembling with age, but retaining a voice almost unbroken, the venerable father spoke of those with whom, in the earliest infancy of this Society, he had been associated. But they had all, or nearly all, gone down to the grave. He gave much good counsel, sage advice, friendly admonition and kind expression of regard to the youth assembled around him. He concluded by devoutly praying that prosperity and success might ever attend the sittings of this body; that it might last as long as this University; that this University might continue to prepare young men for the active scenes of life as long as we enjoyed the rich blessings of Liberty and the results of good and just government; and that these we might enjoy as long as the sun and the moon should continue to illumine the world.

Currie, Shelby Swain, Caswell Co.: A.B., 1840. Physician. Son of John and Elizabeth Rainey Currie. Elizabeth is the daughter of 1739 John Rainey and Jane Mitchell.

Walker, James C., Caswell Co.: 1838. Physician. Dead.

Price, James A., Caswell Co.: 1839. Physician. Georgia.

Wilson, Richard Don, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1842. Lawyer. Teacher. C. S. A. Marion.

Williamson, John Lea, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1843; A. M., 1847. Physician. Manufacturer. Graham.

Montgomery, James Newton, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1848.

Withers, William M., Caswell Co.: 1847

Williamson, Thomas Lea, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1852. Danville, Va. Died 1856

Graves, John Williams, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1854. Lawyer. Capt. C. S. A. Born 1836, died 1872.

Graves, Calvin, Caswell Co. Lawyer. Gen. Assem. Speaker Senate. Memb.

Mitchell, Robert, Caswell Co. Dead.

Jeffreys, J. Glenn, Caswell Co.: 1852. Lieut. C. S. A. Killed in service.

Byrd, Thompson, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1827; A. M., 1831. Tutor, 1829-'31. Minister. Missionary.

Comer, Nathaniel, Caswell Co.: 1825. Dead

Yancey, Rufus Augustus, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1829. Died 1835.

Anderson, Albert Gallatin, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1834. Minister

Bracken, Julius C. S., Caswell Co.: 1834.

Carter, William Brown, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1834. Lawyer and Planter. Stokes Co. Born 1814, Dead.

Gunn, William Pinckney, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1834. Dead.

Dodson, Charles Russell, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1835; M. D., Univ. Pa. Born 1814 Milton NC

Graves, George Washington, Caswell Co.: 1832. Physician. Born 1809, died 1876

Graves, Henry Lea, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1835. Minister

Yancey, Algernon Sidney, Caswell Co.: 1833. Lawyer. Died 1840.

Walker, William Richmond, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1838; A. M., 1858

Bethell, Pinkney C., Caswell Co.: 1836. Dead.

Brown, Livingston, Caswell Co.: 1836. Lawyer. Planter. Gen. Assem.

Brown, William Frederick, Caswell Co.: A. B., 1839.

Donoho, Saunders. Caswell Co. Dead.

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