Monday, March 26, 2007

Photograph Identification Project Entry #11

Set forth below are a number of old photographs that are being grouped together as CCHA Photograph Identification Project Entry #11. The reasons for the grouping are that the photographs are believed to be from the same family (or related families) and from same geographic area of Caswell County.

The families are Bowes, Cobb, Oakley, Shaw, Simpson, Miles/Smith, and close relations. The geographic area is southwest Caswell County (Camp Springs, Milesville, along Cherry Grove Road).

Most are tintypes (not the buggy photograph).

Don't forget the other photographs in this series:

1. Kids on a Rock

2. Old Tractors

3. Lady and Barefoot Boy

4. Little Rascals of Cobb School

5. Girl Scouts on Square in Yanceyville

6. Girl Scouts at Bartlett Yancey Elementary School

7. Three Girls at Esso Pump

8. Cobb Elementary School Marching Band

9. Carolyn Daniel's Cobb Memorial Elementary School Class

10. Cobb Memorial School

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