Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Photograph Identification Project Entry #6

Girl Scouts at Bartlett Yancey Elementary School

Above is an undated photograph of the Yanceyville Girl Scout Troop in front of the old Bartlett Yancey Elementary School (long demolished). Click on the photograph for a larger image.

Can you identify these people? One of the troop leaders, Pattie Griffin Gunn (1895-1956), is to the far right.

For those who can handle large files this photograph is available in much higher resolution at Girl Scouts. This, hopefully, will facilitate identification of the young girls and their adult leaders.


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As with respect to all the images that have been posted as part of the CCHA Photograph Identification Project, the owner of the photograph, through the Caswell County Historical Association, retains all rights. Accordingly, copying, posting, publishing, and any other manner of distribution or use is prohibited without first obtaining the express written authorization of the copyright holder. Contact the CCHA if you have questions.

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