Thursday, November 11, 2021

"Watkins & Bullock" Roxboro, North Carolina

I believe I understand why a member of the Watkins family (Anne Elizabeth Watkins) recalled a John Bullock as the partner of William Cobb Watkins in the Roxboro building supply business of "Watkins & Bullock." The elder William Cobb Bullock (1827-1873) has a son named John Bullock (1855-1928). Census records show this John Bullock to be a "Lumberman." And this John Bullock has a son named William Cobb Bullock (1888-1944) who stated his occupation as "Retail Lumberman" in Roxboro, North Carolina.

So, which W. C. Bullock was the original partner in the W. C. Watkins and W. C. Bullock Roxboro building supply business? Could it extend back as far as 1873?

And to complicate matters, the mother of William Cobb Watkins (1877-1932) is Anne Chesley Bullock (1853-1939), and his paternal grandmother is Anne Elizabeth Bullock (1833-1913)! Thus the Bullock and Watkins families of Roxboro are closely related.


Footnote: The younger William Cobb Bullock (1888-1944) married Nannie Cabell Moore, and they had at least three children: Nancy Cabell Bullock (1916-2014); Carr Moore Bullock (1919-2001); and William Cobb Bullock, Jr. (1921-1944 -- killed in World War II).

Source: Richmond S. Frederick, Jr. Post to the Reminiscing in Roxboro Facebook Page, 11 November 2021.

Image: The Roxboro Courier (Roxboro, North Carolina), January 1924.

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