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Will of Zenas Bush (1776-1836)

WILL OF ZENAS BUSH, Montgomery Co., Tennessee

I, Zenas Bush of the County of Montgomery and State of Tennessee being of sound mind and having the due exercise of my rational powers, but knowing the uncertainty of human events, and of human life do ordain and make this my last will and testament in form following viz,

Item 1st It is my will that all my just [debt] be paid.

Item 2nd It is my will that all the property that I give shall be kept together for the benefit and use of my wife and children and that my executor shall in no case be compeled to sell my property what ever unless in his judgment it may be to the interest of my heirs to do so.

Item 3rd It is my wish that my wife Martha Bush shall have the direction and control of my property so far as it respects the use she may make of it in supporting herself and in supporting and educating my children during her widowhood but should she marry it is my wish that she shall have a life estate in one-fourth part of all my property of every description whatever.

Item 4th It is my wish that my executor shall have the power to sell or dispose of in any way any lands or other property belonging to my estate whenever in his estimation the interest of my wife or heirs may be promoted thereby -- and that he shall have power to purchase any lands or property which may benefit Him and he shall have powers to make or receive deeds for the same

Item 5th It is my wish that at the death or marriage of my wife that the property shall be equally divided among my children

Item 6th It is my wish that my son Howard B. Bush be my executor.

Under my hand and seal the 26th of December 1829

Zenas Bush (Seal)


L. C. Taylor ___ April Term 1830

Copy of will made at the Tennessee Library & Archives, Nashville, TN, and transcribed by me (Cathy Palm). Zenas Bush was my brother-in-law's ancestor.


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