Thursday, July 24, 2008

John Bentley Page (1896-1959)

John Bentley Page was born near Yanceyville on March 14, 1896. His father, Ludolphus B. Page of Caswell, married Miss Parthenia Hodnett of Mt. Airy, Virginia. His grandfather, James Bentley Page, was a soldier in the Confederate Army. This grandsire did valiant service during the War between the States, and fought with much bravery for the Southern cause until he was taken prisoner in one of the fierce battles around Richmond and was sent to Point Lookout. Here he was held a prisoner of war until Lee's surrender. His grandfather, John Hodnett, was a Confederate soldier who went into the army from the state of Virginia.

It will be interesting to record that our young soldier was a great, great, great grandson of Starling Gunn, who fired the first gun at York, Pennsylvania, in the Revolutionary War, and who also had the very remarkable experience of being an eye witness to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. It will perhaps be of further interest to record that this same ancestor lies buried in the family burying ground near the present home of J. L. Murray, about two miles north of Yanceyville. Our young soldier attended the public schools of Caswell County, doing high school work at Yanceyville, after which he did work in the farm life school near Asheville, after which he was a student at Mt. Hermon, Mass, and also at Lincoln Memorial University.

On April 28, 1918, he was called by his local board, and sent to Camp Jackson, South Carolina, later transferred to Camp Greenleaf, Georgia, and still later to Camp Greene at Charlotte, North Carolina. He was a member of Motor Company No. 10, and Battalion No. 4, of the Motor Group in the Medical Corps of the Army. He remained in service from April 27, 1918, until January 10, 1919. The armistice putting an end to military activities, he did not go overseas. However, he remained in service until January 10, 1919, on which date, from Camp Greene, he was discharged from Military Service.

Source: Caswell County in the World War, 1917-1918: Service Records of Caswell County Men, George A. Anderson, Compiler (1921) at 129-130.


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