Sunday, June 18, 2006

Photograph Identification Project

Photograph Identification Project

In May 2006 the CCHA launched the Photograph Identification Project with a wonderful photograph of a group of children on a large rock: Kids on a Rock

Above is the second photograph submitted for identification. It came from the files of John Oliver (Johnnie) Gunn (1892-1992), who owned the Ford dealership in Yanceyville, North Carolina, for many years. He also sold Fordson (and later Ford) tractors.

This photograph (click on photo for larger image) is believed to be a dealer demonstration of a Fordson tractor to local farmers. Note the metal wheels (no tires). See the old cars in the background to the right and the farm buildings in the background to the left.

Can you identify any of these people, the tractor, the cars, or the location?

To help, here is another photograph believed to be of the same event (click on photo for larger image):

Leave your comments here or send them to the CCHA.

As with respect to all the images that have been posted as part of the CCHA Photograph Identification Project, the owner of the photograph, through the Caswell County Historical Association, retains all rights. Accordingly, copying, posting, publishing, and any other manner of distribution or use is prohibited without first obtaining the express written authorization of the copyright holder. Contact the CCHA if you have questions.

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