Saturday, June 24, 2006

Beulah Thompson's Third Grade Class 1954-1955

This is a darling photograph of the 1954-1955 Bartlett Yancey Elementary School third grade class taught by Mrs. Beulah Thompson. Some of the students can be identified; please help with the others. Click on the photograph for a larger image.

Front Row: Phil Allen, Carolyn Payne, Willie Belton (?), David Shatterly, Diane Odell, Emaly Pemberton, Jessica Moorefield

Second Row: Unk, Jim Rice, Unk, Edward Matthews, Unk, Unk, Larry Gibson

The other rows are a bit jumbled, but include: Mrs. Thompson, Brenda Webster, Mary Garrison, Ernie Fuller, Javon Wright, Skippy Rowland, and Mary O. Vernon.

Please help identify all these wonderful children. Leave comments here or send them to the CCHA.

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