Monday, September 20, 2010

Thomas Bird Revolutionary War Pension Records

State of North Carolina, Orange County

On this the 19th November 1837, personally appeared before the undersigned an acting Justice of the Peace in and for the county of aforesaid, Nancy Byrd of Orange aforesaid widow of Thomas Byrd (dec'd), who being first duly qualified according to law maketh oath that her husband Thomas Byrd, aforesaid died on the 13th day of May 1835 and that previous to his death, he had attended the County Courts at Hillsboro as many as two or three times, for the purpose of establishing his claim to a pension, under Act of June 1832. And that the last time that he went to Court for the purpose of ______ his pension, was in February 1835, when he learned that Jonathan Dollar, By whom he expected to prove his service in part was dead. There were some other persons her deceased husband mentioned or mentions had recently died who was in the service with him and by whom he expected to have established his service at that Court. Before the next County Court my husband died within the last 12 or 18 months, I have understood that James Dollar of Chatham County and William Moore ____ of Orange, each was in the service in the war of the Revolution with my deceased husband, and then evidence was accordingly taken and forwarded with this __________ Declaration, which she made at the last August Court ________ and subscribed he day and date _______________ written, before me Thomas Lynch, J. P.

Nancy Byrd

And I the said Justice do hereby certify, that Nancy Byrd , who has sub_________ __________ with above affidavit, is a woman of truth and __________

Thomas Lynch, J. Peace

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