Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Abner W. Walker Model 1816 Musket

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Model 1816 musket owned by Abner W. Walker, born c.1834 in Caswell County, North Carolina. He served with the Caswell Rifles (Company G, 22nd North Carolina Regiment) during the Civil War. Whether the musket was used by Abner W. Walker during the war is not known. Photograph courtesy C. Dwayne Overby, who owns the musket.

The Model 1816 musket was originally produced at the Harpers Ferry and Springfield Arsenals between 1816 and 1844. Around 675,000 were made, more than any other flintlock in U.S. history. The Model 1816 was originally produced as a flintlock musket. Like many flintlock muskets, many of these were later converted to percussion cap, as the percussion cap system was much more reliable and weather resistant. The Model 1816 was used by Texians during the Texas Revolution and by the US Army and militia during the Mexican–American War. It was also used during the early years of the American Civil War until around 1862. Source: Wikipedia.


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