Thursday, August 05, 2010

Paul Haralson, Jr. Revolutionary War Pension Application

Paul Haralson--Pension File, Revolutionary War: W1763, 11, pages (legible)

Pension Application (4 pages, legible and detailed):[Summary] Randolph Co. IL, Dec. 4, 1832. Paul Haralson resident of county aged 72 (on Sept 6): drafted in militia for 3 months; entered service as private Sept. 1779 or 1780 in regiment led by Col. William Moore at Caswell Courthouse. He enlisted in Company belonging to Captain Farquar; then marched out toward South Carolina to give a check to the Tories who were then [embodying] in many places in South Carolina and in the upper parts of North Carolina; marched
across the Yadkin River some distance below the south fork; whilst stationed there Major Elijah Moore was elected over William Sanders. About that time intelligence was brought into camp that there was a body of Torie collected near the Shallow ford forty or fifty miles above where they were stationed. Marched to give them battle March 2nd in the evening, applicant being in the front guard, heavy firing commenced a few hundred yards away. They stood under arms till the regiment came up. They were then drawn in a line; a Captain and company from Virginia had heard of them and marched & defeated them; several killed.They encamped that night near the battleground; next morning they waded across the shallow ford and marched down on the east side at a place called new Providence near the South Carolina line some distance below Charlotte; they continued there until their service was nearly expired.[This detailed description goes on for another two pages-discussing Torie prisoners at Camden [SC]; Gen. Green's [Nathaniel Greene?] retreat from Lord Cornwallis [across the Dan into North Carolina.] He also discusses his brother Herndon Haralson who formed a volunteer regiment when Green retreated. He states he served with Green at Eutaw Springs and conveyed prisoners to Salisbury After his discharge he re-enlisted in North Carolina State troops under Capt Jones and marched from Tavern Hall on Tar River to Hillsborough NC. He further states he was born near Virginia line in Caswell Co. NC, Sept. 6, 1760--recorded in father's bible. Moved to Georgia after Revolution and lived with brother Jonathon; then moved in 1795 to Holstein River, TN to live with brother James Haralson. In 1803 moved to Randolph Co. IL. Entered service when 12 years of age. Signed P. Haralson

Petition of widow, Mary Haralson, (one page, legible): Marion Co. IL, Feb. 28, 1849. Married Dec. 1797; Knox Co. TN; maiden name Mary Fulton. Signed with X.

Affidavit (fairly legible):May 20, 1855, Marion, Co. IL, by Mary Haralson in support of claim.

Marriage certificate (legible) Dec. 18, 1797, Knoxville, TN, Paul Haralson to Mary Fulton.

Statement of War Department (one page, legible): re claim, dated April 22, 183[3?]: Service 1779-80 3 months, private under Capt. Ferguson, Capt. Hearndon Haralson, Capt. Jones, Capt. Trouton; Co. Wm. Moore, Maj. Elijah Moore; Major Burnett Grafton, Major [?] Lewis; battles: Shallow Ford, Eutaw Springs; marched from Caswell Courthouse toward South Caronlina across Yadkin River, Shallow Ford, New Providence through North Carolina, Salisbury, Granville Courthouse, Durham, Halls Tavern, Hillsborough.

Cover page (legible): Mary Haralson claim.

Pension certificate (legible): Paul Haralson


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