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Yanceyville News 3 February 1922

Yanceyville News Notes

Yanceyville. Feb. 3. -- The meeting of the Caswell County Tobacco Growers' Association was held here Monday to elect delegates to the district meeting in Reidsville next were elected in the following order: Tuesday, February 7. Seven delegates. B. S. Graves, Yanceyville; S. F. Nicks, Leasburg; William Lea, Blanche; E. B. Blackwell, Quick; H. T. Watkins, Blanche; F. R. Warren, Prospect Hill; J. A. Burton, Hightowers.

Mrs. Dave Mebane of Mebane is visiting her brother R. L. Mitchell.

Mrs. Wade, who has been visiting her brother R. L. Mitchell has returned to her home in Tennessee.

Word has been received here from Memphis, Tenn. that Mrs. A. E. Henderson is ill with pneumonia.

Mrs. M. Cameron still continues in a critical condition in the General hospital, Danville.
James P. Burke of Reidsville, who stopped over in Yanceyville on his way to his regular appointments at Cunningham and Milton was detained here for several days on account of the snow. He returned to Reidsville Tuesday, having been unable to reach his appointments. While in the village he was a guest in the home of B. S. Graves.

Miss Mary Brown, after an enjoyable snow-bound visit to Miss Elizabeth Graves returned Wednesday to her home at Locust Hill.

Mr. Dove, county demonstrator, returned home Friday night from Raleigh. He started from Danville in his motor car, which gave out at Gatewood. From there he had the dangerous and thrilling experience of walking the ten miles to Danville through the snow.

The Bee (Danville, Virginia) (4 February 1922)