Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Slade Family Photographs

Back porch of Abisha Slade House with grandson of Ella Slade Vincent in arms of Grandmother Sullivan (Maggie). Inscription: "Maggie Sullivan Vincent Stephen Hilton" Date 1940's.

Ella Slade and grandson Vincent: Presumably the woman is Lou Ella Slade Vincent (1871-1958). She was a daughter of Ezekiel B. Slade and Cora Ann Harrison Slade and married Richard Vincent. Lou Ella Slade Vincent and Richard Vincent had a son named Slade Vincent. The notes would suggest that the child is a son of Slade Vincent and that he married a Sullivan. Maggie Sullivan would be his mother-in-law and the grandmother of the child. The reference to Vincent Stephen Hilton is a problem (unless the child is Stephen Hilton Vincent).

Abisha Slade House during the big snow of 1927 with Miss Adeline May (Addie) (1881-1952) Slade venturing out to pick up mail left under big rock on gatepost by kind neighbor. The house was built during the 1840's. It was demolished in 1976.

Cora Ann Harrison Slade

Cora Ann Harrison Slade (1846-1933) was the daughter of Samuel Satterwhite Harrison (1818-1885) and Louisa Matilda McDaniel (1820-1889). In 1870 she married Ezekiel B. Slade (1838-1914), and they had ten children.

For more on this family go to the Caswell County Family Tree and use the search function.


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