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Sallie A. Burton Pinnix (1860-1902)

Obituary of Sallie A. Burton Pinnix

After a brief illness of only nine days, on the 23rd day of March 1902, at the age of forty-one years, Mrs. Sallie A. Pinnix died at the home of her devoted husband, Wm. B. Pinnix near Stokesland, Va. During her illness every possible care was lavished upon her, experienced and skillful physicians waited upon her; but in spite of these, together with the most tender and watchful ministrations
of friends, she passed beyond human power and help into the presence of the infinite and good God. Though the summons was sudden, she was not alarmed when the master called but came down the end quietly and unafraid. Feeling the approach of death, she asked for her loving and faithful husband and that he bring with him to her bedside their children. With a few brave words, simple words, she said goodbye to them and exhorted them to be good, and some day to meet her in Heaven. While she lingered, a sweet song of Zion came to reassure and comfort her, and from her lips it fell like a sweet benediction upon all those who waited with her for the end. And so with love and truth and song in her heart and on her lips she passed away, to be forever with the Lord.

She was the daughter of J. F. and Eliza Burton of Rockingham county and will be remembered as a dutiful and loving child, adding no burden to their lives; but always in their home cheerful and helpful.

Married on Dec 6, 1883, she was a most wise, trusted and helpful wife. Leaning upon her husband as one leans upon the staff for strength and support, she was most practical and industrious in all the affairs of her home, proving herself to be his genuine helpmeet.

To her children, of whom their were eight, Sallie Will, Anna, Kerr, Burton, Lucile, Gena, Robert and the Babe, just nine 9 days old, she was a tender and wise mother. She gave herself with unwearied sacrifice to their good and happiness, and accounted no sacrifice too dear to be made for their sakes.

With it all she was a humble believer in the Lord Christ, and a faithful member of His church at State Line. Her Lord remained her steadfast friend and helper, and His rod and staff comforted her when she walked through the valley and shadow of death.

So fades the summer cloud away;
So sinks the gate when the storms are o'ver,
So gently shuts the eye of the day,
So dies a wave along the shore.

Life's labor done, as sinks the clay,
Light from its load a spirit flies;
While heaven and earth combine to say,
How blest the rightest when he dies!

William B. Pinnix (1861-1938) and Sallie A. Burton Pinnix (1860-1902) actually had nine children. Omitted from the above obituary was Charles Basley Pinnix (1890-1891).


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