Monday, December 17, 2007

Archibald Murphey (1742-1817) Grave Site

For those seeking the final resting place of Archibald Murphey (1742-1817) the following should be of some assistance:
Deed Book X, pp. 335-336: ARCHIBALD D. MURPHEY of Orange County, surviving executor of ARCHIBALD MURPHEY, dec'd., of Caswell County, to David Pointner of Person County, for $1500., 676 acres in Caswell and Person Counties, being tract where ARCHIBALD MURPHEY resided adjacent William McGehee, James Rainey, Thomas Jeffreys, William Childs, George Taylor, Hamlet's old tract, excepting 1/2 acre laid off in square around the graveyard where ARCHIBALD MURPHEY IS BURIED; also release for 4 3/7 acres to Hico Academy which is part of said tract and is excepted. 09 June 1828. Wts: James Rainey, Thos. D. Johnston, David G. Brandon.

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  1. When a piece of real property is 'excepted', it is referring to language in the deed, (contained in the orginial or codicil), that exempts said piece of land from the the property of which was initially deeded.

    It is thereby, forever excepted - and was typically enacted to protect the family graveyard.

    It is a great gift to us genealogists, and especially helpful nowadays when descendants try to access the final resting places of their ancestors. The surrounding land owner must by law, allow them reasonable ingress and egress as she/he does not own that ground and may not exert any control over it whatsoever.