Friday, November 02, 2007

Caswell Farm Supply

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This wonderful old card was found on EBay by a friend of the Caswell County Historical Association. When the owner learned that we wanted it for the Richmond-Miles History Museum in Yanceyville, North Carolina, he essentially donated it.

Query who is the young man standing beside the truck.

The people mentioned are W. A. Wood and A. D. Swann. The A. D. Swann must be Arthur Delbert Swann (1907-1985). But, who is the W. A. Wood?

Since Arthur Delbert Swan married Blanch Wood (1907-1994), this could be her brother William A. (Willie) Wood (c. 1912- bef. 10 Oct 2006).

Note that Arthur Delbert Swann founded Swan Trucking Company and was a Caswell County Commissioner during 1952-1974, serving as chairman for eight years.


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