Monday, November 03, 2008

Pattillo v. Harralson (1878)

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The above document also may be found online at the Caswell County Photograph Collection.

In the Probate Court
Caswell County

A.H.W. Pattillo, as admin of Thos Bigalow
W__ C. Harralson as admin of Brice Harralson }

The undersigned agree and bind themselves to refer to this Probate Judge of Caswell County the question:

1st What amount of commission is due estate of Brice Harralson from the estate of Thomas Bigalow and

2nd and amount of interest due from the estate of Brice Harralson to the estate Thomas Bigalow and thus this award upon this question shall be final and conclusive believes the parties.

W__ Harralson
A.H.W. Pattillo

The above matter being heard by _____ both parties being present for the ____ ______ to be ______ ______ ____ hundred forty two dollars ____ to B. Harralson's estate as the amount of interest due from B. Harralson estate to _____ three hundred dollars & ____ that W__ Harralson, adm is advanced in ____ of forty two dollars bring the _____ of commission of the ___ and that A.H.W. Pattillo, Adm. is to have the same as a ____ which shows this day the balance due from B. Harralson estate to Thos Bigalow estate to be Fifteen hundred dollars.

This 23rd day January AD 1878
J. H. Kerr
Probate Judge