Thursday, March 13, 2008

United Daughters of the Confederacy 1972

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This photograph was take in 1972 apparently at the home of Mrs. John R. Nicks in Yanceyville, North Carolina, which structure now houses the Richmond-Miles Museum.

Mrs. Katherine Andrews may have been a resident of the Baptist Home in Yanceyville (building beside Dongola) and was not originally from Caswell County. She was a piano teacher.

Mrs. John R. Nicks is Mary Lea Florance (1903-1995). Her first husband was John Yancey Gatewood (1893-1954). They are the parents of famous artist Maud Florance Gatewood (1934-2004). Later, Mary Lea Florance Gatewood married John Richard Nicks (1904-1976).

Mrs. Richard M. Gunn may be part of the Gatewood family that owned Gatewood Coal Company in Danville, Virginia. She apparently is Lelia Marie Gatewood who married Richard Marcellus Gunn (1879-1960).

Mrs. A. L. Florance is Rose Lee Carter (1901-1998), who married Alvis Lea Florance ((1889-1965).

Mrs. Nat H. Swann may be the wife of Nathaniel Henderson Swann or Nathaniel Henderson Swann, Jr. If the former, she is Mary C. Stokes.

Mrs. Sam Bason is Martha Eliza Hatchett (1896-1993), who married Samuel Murphy Bason (1894-1986).

Mrs. John A. Woods is Lois Burton (1908-1998), who married John Andy Woods (1893-1961).

Mrs. J. W. Ferguson may be Emma Russell, who married John Woodrow Ferguson.


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