Saturday, August 05, 2006

Photograph Identification Project Entry #5

Girl Scouts on Square in Yanceyville

This is an undated photograph of the Yanceyville Girl Scouts on the Square in Yanceyville, Caswell County, North Carolina. Click on the photograph for a larger image.

The young lady to the far left is believed to be Maud Florance Gatewood (1934-2004) (daughter of John Yancey Gatewood and Mary Lea Florance).

The young lady to the far right of the first row (dark suit and white blouse) probably is Margaret Stroupe Upchurch (daughter of Norman Stroupe Upchurch and Margaret Arnold Yarbrough).

If Maud Gatewood was around 12 years old when this photograph was taken the year would be around 1946.

To see more on the Gatewood and Upchurch families of Caswell County go to the Caswell County Family Tree.

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  1. I do recognize Margaret Stroupe Upchurch. Others: 3 row, 3rd from left, Nina Lee Smith, dau. of Jake and Kate Smith of Blanch; back row, Blanche Foster Page, daughter of Tom and Josie Foster of Blanch, just behind Nina over her left shoulder; Glenna Page Stegall, sister of of Blanche Foster; Frances Hooper, daughter of James & Mattie Hooper of Yanceyville is next to Glenna.

  2. Sorry, the person I identified as Frances Hooper is actually Lillie Ann Foster, daughter of Earnest and Bella Foster. Norma Upchurch is to the left of her sister, Margaret Stroupe Upchurch.