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Caswell County Publications by Katharine Kerr Kendall

Court Minutes

1. Historical Abstracts of Minutes of Caswell County North Carolina
1777 – 1877
, Katharine Kerr Kendall (1976)

Compiled by Katharine Kerr Kendall. Index by Mary Frances Kerr
Donaldson. (Reprint, 1977). Abstracts containing references to county
buildings, courthouses, jails, poor houses, and the public well;
names of county officials and road overseers; references to wars or
veterans of wars; samples of tax rates, tavern rates, and salaries;
and county expenditures. Dedication, foreword, conclusion, index. Pp.
v, 182.


2. Caswell County, North Carolina Deed Books 1777-1817, Katharine
Kerr Kendall (1989) [Out of Print]

3. Caswell County, North Carolina Deed Books 1817-1840, Katharine
Kerr Kendall (1992)

Abstracts by Katharine Kerr Kendall. Includes land transfers, deeds
of slaves and personal property, powers of attorney, divisions of
land to legatees, and migration of inhabitants. Introduction,
abbreviations, index. Pp. iv, 364. (1992). Available From: NC
Historical Publications Shop Price is $25.00.



4. Caswell County, North Carolina Will Books, 1777-1814; 1784 Tax
List; and Guardians' Accounts, 1794-1819 (Published With) Caswell
County, North Carolina Will Books, 1814-1843 Guardians' Accounts,
1819-1847; 1850 & 1860 Census Mortality Schedules; Powers of Attorney
from Deed Books, 1777-1880. 2 vols. in 1
, Katharine Kerr Kendall

Available from genealogical.com. Price is $36.50.


5. Caswell County North Carolina Will Books 1843-1868 (Guardians'
Accounts 1848-1868)
, Katharine Kerr Kendall (1986)

Abstracts by Katharine Kerr Kendall. Index by Mary Frances Kerr
Donaldson. Paperbound abstracts of will books and guardians’
accounts. Also includes estate inventories, accounts, sales,
settlements, divisions, and reports of various county officers and
commissions. Addition material includes selected lists of marriages
and deaths from newspapers (1840-1868); business directory listings
for 1867-1868; an index to will abstracts; an index of states,
counties, towns, streams; and an index concerning slaves. Foreword,
abbreviations, indexes. Pp. iv, 212. (1986). This was available From:
NC Historical Publications Shop until just recently. They may have
sold out.

Marriage Records

6. Caswell County, North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1778 – 1868,
Katharine Kerr Kendall (1981).

ISBN: 0806312769

Available from Clearfield Publishing. Price is $19.50


Also available at Amazon.com for $19.50.

Miscellaneous Records

7. Caswell County Land Grants, Tax Lists, State Census, Apprentice
Bonds, Estate Records
, Katharine Kerr Kendall (1977). [Out-of-

8. Yanceyville Presbyterian Church, Yanceyville, North Carolina:
Early history of the Church with Sketches of the Founders
, Katharine
Kerr Kendall (1976) [Out-of-Print]


Note: From time to time items of bibliographic interest will be posted to this site. This list of Katharine Kerr Kendall's CaswellCounty publications is the first installment. Others are encouraged
to share reference material.

Here is a brief outline of Katharine Kerr Kendall's Caswell County ancestors:

John Kerr m. Mary Graves
Their son was Major James Kerr

Hosea McNeil m. Isabella Graves
Their daughter was Frances A. McNeill

Major James Kerr m. Frances A. McNeill (both their mothers wereGraves; thus, they obviously were cousins)

John Hosea McNeil Kerr (named for both grandfathers) m. ElizaCatherine Yancey

Albert Yancey Kerr m. Mary Johnston Oliver (who became Mary O. Kerr)

Eliza Katharine Kerr m. Col. Henry E. Kendall (thus becoming Katharine Kerr Kendall)

The Mary Graves who married John Kerr was the daughter of John Graves and Isabella Lea.

The Isabella Graves who married Hosea McNeill was the daughter of Barzillai Graves and Ursula Wright.

Eliza Katharine Kerr Kendall was born 1921 and died 1997. She isburied along side her husband in the Yanceyville Presbyterian Church cemetery.

1. Court minutes 1777-1877 by Katherine K Kendall
2. Deed books A-R (1777-1817) by Katharine K Kendall
3. Deed books S-EE (1817-1840) by Katharine K Kendall
4. Marraige bonds 1778-1868 by Katherine K Kendell
5. Miscellaneous records (state grants & tax list for 1777, 1786, & 1803) by Katherine K Kendell
6. Wills 1777-1814 by Katherine K Kendell
7. Wills 1814-1843 by Katherine K Kendell
8. Wills 1843-1868 by Katherine K Kendell

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  1. I would like to purchase an "unlocked" PDF file of Katharine's book Caswelll County North Carolina Deed Books 1777-1817 (Easley, South Carolina : Southern Historical Press, Inc., 1989). By "unlocked" I mean I would like to be able to but the PDF in Acrobat Pro and highlight a name, create a comment box, and paste tax list info into the comment box. Along the same lines, by "unlocked" I mean I would like to be able to highlight a deed abstract, "copy" it, and then "paste" it into a word processor text file or Genealogical Record Database Manager. (With appropriate citation added of course.) Can anyone envision where I'm going with this??

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