Thursday, October 27, 2005

Many of the articles posted to CCHA website would be improved greatly by the addition of photographs.

For example, we have biographical sketches of Dr. Charles Caldwell, John Blackwell Cobb, Nicholas Longworth Dillard, Oscar Penn Fitzgerald, Robert Thomas Fuller, Reverend Barzillai Graves, Captain John Herndon Graves, John Kerr, Romulus Mitchell Saunders, and others, but we have no photograph of these people.

I ask that those interested in improving the CCHA website review the various articles (including but not limited to the biographies) and help find photographs. Surely, you or someone that you know has a cache of old Caswell County photographs.

It is your heritage that is being memorialized and published for the world to see. Do you not believe it deserves photographs to accompany the stories?

For assistance with the technical aspects of having photographs posted to the CCHA website contact the CCHA Webmaster at:

Thanks for your help.


  1. Bishop O. P. Fitzgerald is a 3G uncle of mine. I have a picture of him from the flyleaf of his book, "California Sketches" I'll scan and send. I correspond with his great granddaughter in TN and will see if she has a better portrait she can contribute.

  2. Thanks so much. I now have updated the CCHA article on Bishop Oscar Penn Fitzgerald. See: