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Farrar Family of Virginia: Caswell County, North Carolina, Descendants

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In 1611, Farrar’s Island was the site of the "Citie of Henrico," one of Virginia’s first four primary settlement areas under the Virginia Company of London. Later, it was part of a 2,000-acre land patent issued posthumously to William Farrar in 1637.

Farrar, who arrived in Virginia from London in 1618 aboard the Neptune, invested in the Company under its third charter. In 1626, Governor Sir George Yeardley appointed Farrar to the governor’s Council, a position occupied until 1632. He also served as a justice for two counties. Farrar family members resided on the island until they sold it to Thomas Randolph on 26 Jan. 1727.

At least two major Caswell County, North Carolina, families may descend from the William Farrar referenced above: Burton; and Willis.

Ancestral Outlines

Burton Family
1. John Farrar/Farrer m. Cecily (possibly Kelke)
2. William Farrar m. Cecily Jordan (widow)
3. William Farrar m. Mary Unknown
4. William Farrar m. Priscilla Baugh
5. Priscilla Farrar m. Robert Burton

Willis Family
1. John Farrar/Farrer m. Cecily (possibly Kelke)
2. William Farrar m. Cecily Jordan (widow)
3. Thomas Farrar m. Katherine Perrin
4. Mary Farrar m. Joseph Watkins1
5. Mary Watkins m. Henry Willis

August 1618 - Lord De La Warr's Neptune arrives at Jamestown after a particularly dramatic journey. This ship that had made build Lord De La Warr himself had left England in April with 160 would-be settlers on board. But headwinds would quickly turn the trip into a living hell. The passengers began to get sick, some even were suffering from dysentery. Lord De La Warr and 30 migrants died before reaching Virginia. Among the survivors were William Farrar, Elizabeth Garnett (the wife of Thomas Garnett, in Jamestown since 1610), Thomas Powell and William Cole.

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1A potential weak link here is documenting that Mary Farrar married Joseph Watkins. Dorman in Purse and Person only states that she "probably married Joseph Watkins," with the best evidence being the will of Thomas Farrar that states: "Item I give and bequeath unto my grand Daughter Mary Watkins one negro boy called Davy to her and her heirs forever."

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