Thursday, May 17, 2018

Elijah Graves Sale to Paul Haralson: 1839 Caswell County, North Carolina

The following deed contains a lot to unpack. The abstract apparently does not do the actual record justice as the full conveyance covered part of three pages in the official deed book.

Elijah Graves Sen, of Caswell County, to Paul A. Haralson of Yanceyville, for $1035, 93 acres partly in Yanceyville adjoining the public square, Williamson & Smith, Thomas D. Johnston, Phillip Hodnett, William Graves, N. M. Roan -- beginning at the Yanceyville public square at Williamson old store house, then south to Johnston's spring branch on Ridge Path corner, Thomas Haralson (now Hodnett) crossing Courthouse Road with Azariah Graves (now Elijah Graves), John H. Graves (now Silk Manufacturing Company), Corbit (now Poteat). 6 August 1839. Witnesses: James M. Neal, Chesley D. Turner.

Caswell County, North Carolina
Deed Book EE, Pages 419-421

The Elijah Graves Sen (1778-1855) is so designated not because he had a son of the same name, but because there were younger relatives with that name. This is the brother of Azariah Graves (built the storehouse that still stands in Yanceyville and died in 1837). They are sons of Captain John Herndon Graves (1746-1829), who apparently owned the land on which operated the Silk Manufacturing Company.

Interesting is that this purchase of 93 acres by Paul Haralson is not described as adjoining property already owned by Haralson in Yanceyville. One of the most historic houses remaining in Yanceyville is the Clerk's House just southeast of the Caswell County Courthouse. This house apparently was build by Haralson in 1836, the first Clerk of Superior Court to occupy the house. The Thomas Haralson (whose property apparently had been conveyed to Hodnett) referenced has not been identified, with identification complicated by the various spellings of Haralson/Harrelson.

Where was Williamson's old store? Who was Williamson?

The Johnston in "Johnston's spring branch" probably is Thomas Donoho Johnston (1800-1883).

What was "Ridge Path corner"?

Was "Williamson & Smith" a business?

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