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William Thomas (1719-1794) Family Bible

Thomas Bible Records

The William Thomas Family Bible by Elijah T. Sutherlin, Danville, VA 8/29/63 [Editorial changes made by the Caswell County Historical Association 30 December 2010 to make the record easier to understand.]

This Bible apparently was first owned by William Thomas, Sr. of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. (I am omitting the rest of the description of the Bible). Near the end of the Old Testament, appears to have been written around 1860 or earlier:

Nathaniel P. Thomas was born 24th day of August 1798, Nathaniel P. Thomas departed this life May 18th, 1851.

The following writing is in pencil, a more recent hand, which Mrs. George P. Hall stated that she wrote personally:

Joyce (Maggie) Thomas Hall was born Aug 23, 1917 daughter of George Pat Hall and his wife Martha Thomas Hall. Written by her mother Martha Hall when she was 62 years old in 1951. This item was repeated twice more at different places in this Bible but was not copied herein.

On the opposite page is written with ink now turned brown: The ages of William Thomas and Joyce Thomas's children:


1. Philip Thomas was born August 16, 1757
2. Nathaniel Thomas was born July 2, 1759
3. William Thomas was born February 16th, 1761
4. Asa Thomas was born December 13th, 1762
5. Peyton Thomas was born February 17th 1765
6. Jacob Thomas was born February 3d, 1767
7. John Watkins Thomas was born October 20th, 1768
8. George Thomas was born March 15th, 1771
9. Ichabod Thomas was born June 13th, 1773 and departed this life Novr. 26, 1777


1. William Thomas Sr. departed this life December 22nd 179-(1795 or 1799) the last figure is illegible), in the 75 year of his age.
2. William Thomas, Jr. departed this April 30th, 1799
3. Nathaniel Thomas departed this life May 1 1799
4. George Thomas departed this life Oct 19 1799
5. John W. Thomas departed this life May (day illegible) 180l
6. Jacob Thomas departed this life May 7 1803
7. Asa Thomas departed this life April 11 1813

The next record is in apparently a little later writing and possibly by another person:

Allen M. Thomas was born September 20th, 1826
Joyce Thomas, wife of William Thomas, Senior, departed this life 3 of March, 1829, age 99 years, 8 months and twenty days.

At the end of the Apocrypha, the following record appears:

William Thomas, Junr. was born July 17 1796.
Araminta Thomas, wife of W. P. T. was born May 17 1806

Death: Wm P Thomas was killed at Drewes Bluff on the 10th of May, 1864. Brought home 20th of June & entered 22 of June 15 minutes after 2 oc in afternoon & was 27 years 11 months & 20 days old when he was killed.

Death: Sarah E. Tanner, daughter of W. P. Thomas, his wife departed this life on the 10th of November 1866, died in Texas 39 years 6 months & 16 days old. (Note by Mr. Sutherlin) Here is interwritten, in a paler hand what appears to be "Pocohontas A. Thomas, and some other letters which are illegible now. Also interwritten: "This the 24th of Sept. 1862" and under this: "William N. P. Thomas"

Again some pencil writing appears: Here is a repetition of the notation by Mrs. Martha Hall regarding her daughter, Joyce (Maggie) Thomas Hall. The next items appear on the opposite page of the Bible. Joyce Thomas her Book. God give her Grace therein to look not only to [what] she reads, but to understand. I pray good reader be so kind, If I am lost and you me find, That you restore me to my master and he respect you ever after. For you may know I am his own, for me he gave four crowns.

The next item is apparently in a different hand, ink and by person.

1. Elsie M. Thomas was Born 7 day of April 1873
2. Joyce Thomas was born 1730 September the 5th and wrote these in the year 1802, September the 20th and departed this life the 3rd of March 1829 3. in the 99th year of age.
4. Allen M. Thomas was born September 20, 1826
5. Sarah E. Thomas was born in the year of our Lord 1828, April 24

Here again appears a different hand, different ink and possibly another person's writing.

1. Joseph L. Thomas was born Apl 14 1830
2. Maryann P. Thomas was born Agst 29, 1831
3. Araminta I. Thomas was born June 20th 1833
4. Wm P. Thomas was born July 21 1837
5. Martha An I. (?) Thomas was born June 1 1840
6. Creed Tanner Thomas was born Agst 14 1842. (This 14 is very plain but has been written or re-written over something else,--note by Mr. Sutherlin) Pocohontas A. Thomas was born June 11 1846 (11th also written or rewritten over)
7. Emily (Here are apparently two letters but they are illigible). Thomas was born Sept. 11th, 1848. (Here a big "1" appears to have been written between the 4 and the 8 in the 1848)

The above is the names and ages of Wm Thomas & Araminta his wife Thomas children.

On the back of the center fly leaf or the leaf at the beginning of the New Testament the following records appear.

June 15th day 1806, W. Peyton Thomas left his native place to go to Louisannia. (No doubt Louisana). Note by Mr. Sutherlin.
Allen Motley Thomas was married to Miss Mary T. (Here is hole in the page about 3/8 of an inch wife and long). Lumpkin, Decr. the 20 day 1870
Elsa M. Thomas was born the 7 day of April five after eleven o'clock in the year 1873
Creed T. Thomas was married to Miss Mary E. Gravley the 18 day Dec 1872
Miss Mary T. Thomas, wife of A . M. Thomas was born the 30 day of June 1835
Allen M. Thomas was born the 20 day of Sept. 1826 Rote this in the 46 year of his age.

To be best of my knowledge and belief the foregoing record is a true and accurate copy of the Bible mentioned therein. Elijah T. Sutherlin, Danville, VA Aug 29 1963

Submittted by Carol Adams

Source: Thomas Family Bible


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