Friday, December 10, 2010

Clarence Garnett Graves (1912-1975)

Graves-George Marriage 1962

On 20 April 1962, Clarence Garnett Graves (1912-1975) married as his second wife Alene George (barely visible second person from right). The first wife of Clarence Garnett Graves, Doris Millie Swann Graves, died in 1972. This 1962 wedding ceremony took place at the home of Connie E. Graves and Queen E. Swann Graves. Doris Millie Swann (first wife of Clarence Garnett Graves) was a sister of Queen E. Swann Graves. A daughter of Connie E. Graves and Queen E. Swann Graves, Lauren Graves, is in the photograph (young girl in white dress), and kindly shared this photograph.

The bride, Alene George, was a teacher or advisor at the Caswell County High School in Yanceyville, North Carolina, which explains the presence of Principal Nicholas Longworth Dillard (far right). Whether he gave the bride away is not known. It appears that Clarence Garnett Graves's son, Arthur Forest Graves, was his father's best man. The family relationship of Percy Graves (second from left) is unknown.

Clarence Garnett Graves died in 1975, and Alene George Graves married James Thomas Russell 10 December 1977.

Left to right: Reverend Mills, Percy Graves, Lauren Graves, Arthur Forest Graves, Clarence Garnett Graves, Alene George, and Nicholas Longworth Dillard (1906-1969).


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  1. I was 15 years old then... we look sad but it was a very nice day, Lauren Graves