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Wortham Family Bible


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Charles T. Wortham and Mary Jane Hutchison were married on the 18th day of
July 1842.

John A. Sloan and Mary Martin Wortham were married on the 30th of April 1865.

Charles T. Wortham and Anne C. Peatross were married on the 17th of Oct 1865.

Jennie H. Wortham and G. Percy Haris were married on the 8th of April 1875.

Coleman Wortham and Mary Marshall Gilliam were married on Nov 21, 1901

Garrett B. Wall, Jr. and Mary Hoge Wortham married April 13, 1929.

Coleman Wortham, Jr. and Mary Virginia Wood married Feb 10, 1945.

Daniel Spencer Jackson and Nancy Scott Wortham married April 14, 1951

Charles Wortham born Jany 1813
Mary Jane Hutchinson born 28 Jany 1821

Children of Charles T. Wortham and Mary Jane Hutchison

Mary Martin Worth born Saturday Jany 20, 1843
Albert Carr Wortham born November 9, 1844
Noah Montgomery Wortham born July 4, 1846
Charles Montgomery Wortham born April 27, 1848
Charles T. Wortham, Jr. born September 9, 1850
Jennie Hutchison Wortham born April 3, 1852
Robert Coleman Wortham born March 4, 1854


John Alexander Sloan born July 27, 1939
Thomas Monahan Wortham born 19 September 1866
Charles Wortham Sloan born 18 September 1866
Sallie Paisley Sloan born July 1, 1869
Annie Coleman Peatross born 6 November 1829
Bessie Montgomery born 10 November 1870
Bessie Montgomery Wortham born 10 March 1869
Coleman Wortham born 18 June 1872 about 4 oclock PM
George Percy Hawes, Jr. born February 17, 1876 at 5 PM
Charles Morris Hawes born May 21, 1878
Morton Hutchison Hawes born 11 July 1882
Coleman Wortham, Jr. born Sep 16, 1904
Mary Hoge Wortham born Jany 3, 1908
Annie (Marge) Scott Wortham born Feb 25, 1911
Harriett B. Wall, Jr. born Sep 17, 1903
Mary Virginia Wood born April 5, 1920
Samuel Spencer Jackson born Jan 23, 1902

DEATHS - Children of Charles and Mary Jane Wortham

Noah M . Wortham died August 4, 1846 one month
Albert Carr Wortham died on his birthday Sep 9 1848 four yrs.
Charles M. Wortham died Mar 5, 1850 aged one year, 10 mos, and 12 days
Charles T. Wortham, Jr. died July 19, 1851 aged five months and 9 days
Robert Coleman Wortham died June 29, 1854 aged 3 months and 25 days

My dear wife Mary Jane died April 1, 1859 about 25 minutes after 9 oclock PM after a painful illness of ten days. She had been a great sufferer from heart disease for over nine years and allways even whilst in great pain cheerful. She died as does the Christian, commanding her children and friends to Christ, saying to them what Christ would. Now be to them a mother. Aged 38 years, 2 months, and 3 days.

Bessie Montgomery Wortham died Monday 12 oclock AM March 6, 1876 after a short illness of 6 days of dyptheria, aged 6 years and 24 days.

Jennie Hutchison Hawes died June 6, 1884 at Ashland, Virginia
Morton Hutchison Hawes died June 1883.
Charles T. Wortham d. Mar 10, 1881
John A. Sloan died Nov 9, 1885
Annie C. Wortham died Aug 7, 1918 at 6:35PM
Thomas Monahan Worth died 6-13-1922
Coleman Wortham died April 12, 1936 at 1:05 PM
Morton Wortham Sloan died Jany 25, 1931
Mrs. Coleman Wortham (Mary Gilliam Wortham) died Oct 11, 1954
Coleman Wortham, Jr. died Mar 22, 1963


Charles Wortham and Mary Jane Chandler married on the 24th of Dec 1781

Thomas Coleman and Mary Woolfolk married on the 26th of March 1776

Richard Chandler Wortham and Mary Coleman married on the 6th of April 1809

Albert O. Wortham and Julia Ann Thomas married on the 21st of April 1836

Edwin Wortham and Fanny Hopkins married on the 25th of November 1838

Robert H. Maury and Sarah Ann Wortham married on the 17th of Dec 1840

James Thomas Jr. and Mary Woolfolk Wortham married ________________

Edwin Wortham and Ann Eliza McGruder married on the 16th of April 1845.

John C. Connally and Alice C. Thomas married on 30 April 1865

Richole Wortham and Sally L. Slopes married on 30 April 1867

Daniel C. Hutchison and Jane Morton married on 29 Oct 1814

Bickerton W. Mallory and Ann Curtis Hutchison married 7 March 1832.

BIRTHS - Charles Wortham born July 13, 1759 - Jane Chandler born April
31, 1859

Children of Charles and Jane Wortham
Sally T. Wortham born, Thursday, the 28th of Nov 1782
Richard C. Wortham born, Thursday, the 2nd day of June 1785
Mary Wortham born Tuesday, the 9th day of Jany, 1787
Samuel Wortham born Monday the 25th day of Sept 1789
Charles Wortham born Monday, the 29th day of March 1790
Jane Wortham born Friday the 10th day of Aug 1792
Elliott Wortham born Tuesday the 13th day of Jane 1795
Timothy Wortham born Wednesday the 18th day of April 1798
Andrew Broaddus Wortham born Friday the 21th day of Nov 1800

Children of Thomas and Mary Coleman
Samuel Coleman born 31 Dec 1778
Robt Coleman born 15 June 1780
Ann Coleman born 9 December 1783
Mary Coleman born 11 Jany 1786
John W. Coleman born 26 May 1788
Mary Woolfolk, mother of the children born sometime in the year 1754.
The above Thomas Coleman is son of Paul Coleman, an imigrant settling in Caroline County from his, Lewis Minor Coleman, and Dr. Robert Coleman - Paul Coleman above son or grandson of Sir John Coleman of Essex, England ?
Dan'l C. Hutchison born 18 Dec 1785
Jane Morton born 1780

Children of Dan'l Hutchinson and Jane Morton
Elizabeth Morton Hutchison born 8 Dec 1818
Mary Jane Hutchison born 25 Jany 1821

Children of Richard C. Wortham and Mary Coleman
Albert G. __________ born Wednesday night about 11 oclock 17 Jany 1810
Edwin Wortham born Tuesday 12 oclock 23 July 1811
Charles T. Wortham born Monday morning 2 oclock 4 July 1813
Richard Woolfolk Wortham born Thursday morning about 4 oclock 17 April 1814
Mary Jane Wortham born Thursday 9 oclock AM 16 July 1816
Sarah Ann Wortham born Thursday 9 oclock AM 30 Oct 1817
Gurtrue Wortham born Monday 4 oclock AM 8 March 1819
Coleman Wortham born Friday 6 oclock PM 22 Dec 1820
Mary Woolfolk Wortham born Saturday 2 PM 15 March 1823
Samuel Wortham born Friday 1 April 1825
Lucy T. Wortham born April 1, 1828

Children of Coleman Wortham and Mary Marshall Gilliam
Coleman Wortham, Jr. born Sept 16, 1904
Mary Hoge Wortham born Jan 3, 1908
Anne (Nancy) Scott Wortham born Feb 25, 1911

Children of Garrett B. Wall, Jr and Mary Hoge Wortham
Garrett B. Wall, III born Nov 25, 1932
Mary Marshall Wall born June 3, 1937

Children of Coleman Wortham, Jr. and Virginia Woods
Coleman Wortham, III born Feb 10, 1946
Virginia Anne Wortham born April 13, 1948

Children of Samuel S. Jackson and Nancy Scott Wortham
Samuel Spencer Jackson born June 25, 1952

Family of Daniel and Jane Hutchison

Elizabeth Morton, daughter of DC and J. Hutchison died July 24, 1820, aged 19 mos 16 days.
Ann Morton (mother of Jane Hutchison) died April 15, 1829 aged 73 years
Daniel C. Hutchison died 16 Jany 1832 aged 47 years
Jane Hutchison died 12 November 1850 aged 70 years

Copied by Cheryl Maxwell from Bible Records in Virginia State Library
November 1997

Wortham Family Bible Record
Caroline County
Library of Virginia Archives #26647

(Second Bible Record)

Children of Samuel and Margaret Wortham
Elizabeth Wortham was born 1 November 1748
Mary Wortham was born 13 June 1750
Ann Wortham was born 19 Jany 1752
Anne Wortham was borne 27 October 1753
William Wortham was born 13 Jun3 1755
Samuel Wortham was born 26 February 1757
Charles Wortham was born 13 July 1759
Frances Wortham was born 18 Dec 1761

Samuel Wortham departed this life 10 November 1774.
Charles Wortham departed this life 4 June about sun set 1818.

Richard Chandler Wortham born Thursday 28 June 1789
Mary Wortham born Tuesday 9 Jany 1787
Samuel Wortham born Munday 15 Sept 1788
Charles Wortham born Munday 29 March 1790
Anne Wortham borne Friday 10 August 1792
Charles Wortham borne July 1759
Jane Chandler borne 31 August 1759

Charles and Jane Wortham married 24 December 178_ (cut off)

Sally Tompkins Wortham borne Thursday 28 Nov 17_____cut off
Richard Chandler Wortham borne Thursday 2 June 1785
Mary Wortham borne Tuesday 9 Jany 1787
Samuel Wortham borne Munday 15 Sept 1788
Charles Wortham borne Munday 29 Mar 179 ___cut off
Jane Wortham borne Friday 10 Aug 179____cut off
Elliott Wortham borne Tuesday 13 Jany 1795
Timothy Wortham borne Wednesday 18 April 1798
Andrew Broaddus Wortham borne 21 Nov 1800
Charles Wortham
Mary Wortham borne Tuesday 9 Jany 1787


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