Friday, January 15, 2010

Fort Davidson

01/01/1776 Josiah BRANDON entered service/ Capt. Samuel DAVIDSON at Davidson's Fort aka Upper Fort or Fort Royal

04/12/1776 North Carolina assembly empowers delegates to vote for independence

06/01/1776 Robert Burchfield served at Davidson's Fort as a ranger under Maj William Davidson, Cpt Samuel Davidson

06/01/1776 Belfield Wood pention statement #W44992 Marched to Davidson's Fort and were driven out by Indians to Cathey

06/01/1776 Cpt Reuben White commanded a company of rangers at Davidson's Fort. Fort commanded by Cpt Samuel Davidson

06/20/1776 Cherokee attack across the divide into McDowell County area killing Whigs, Tories were safe

07/04/1776 Declaration of Independence

08/01/1776 General Rutherford leads a band of 2,700 militiamen against Cherokee, bivouacking at Davidson's Fort

10/12/1776 Rutherford returns to Old Fort and marks his trail as Rutherford's Trace

01/01/1777 Josiah Brandonhelped build Fort Royal. Served under Cpt Davidson for three months.

01/01/1777 Burke county formed from Rowan County, Old Fort is now in Burke County

06/14/1777 Flag of the US consiting of 13 stars and 13 white and red stripes is mandated by Congress

01/01/1778 Josiah Brandon volunteered again under Cpt Sam Davidson at Old Fort

04/01/1779 Richard Ballew (Ballou) Service was at Davidson's Fort guarding against the incursions of the Cherokee

10/01/1779 Capt George Cunningham replaced Davidson at fort led scouting parties against the Cherokee

12/01/1779 Brandon joined Cpt Boykin in pursuit of Cp William Cunningham (British)

01/01/1780 Served in frontier forts, Morrison's, Cathey's, Moor's, Sam Davidson's, William Davidson's

03/01/1780 Brandon joins Major McDowell to move against the Cherokees

06/01/1780 Joseph Ballew served under Cpt James McFarland at Davidson's Fort.

Battle of Ramsour's Mill, NC 500 militiamen under Maj Joseph McDowell defeat 1,000 Tories
Battle of Colson'sMillNCToriesdefeatedbypatriotsunderColWilliamLeeDavidsonBae of Colson's, Tories defeated by patriots under Co am Lee Davidson

08/01/1780 English Col Patrick attacks settlers around Davidson's Fort. Susana Lytle confronts him and gets her hat stolen.

09/09/1780 Cornwallis invaded North Carolina


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